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October/November 2020 News letter

Posted on Wed Oct 21st, 2020 @ 7:50am by Norul

Hello everyone. Once again I have missed a few months since the last newsletter. But this one should be brief.

What's been happening?

So, I think it only fair to let you know why things have been so slow for me, and what to expect from me now.
We have all been hit hard by Covid, and for some of us including myself that has meant some massive changes to life. I am now retraining as a lawyer. A long old process that starts with 6 years of part time study toward a degree. I think you can all agree that that in itself is time consuming enough, but I also have four children, three of which are awaiting various medical appointments.
The biggest concern in that sense is my youngest who at less than a year old is fitting so as you can understand I have had my work cut out for me there too.
That leads on to what to expect from me now. As of the point of writing this newsletter, I am in a place where I can focus on the Simm a fair amount and things should return to something resembling normal. However I can't promise it will remain like that. There will be weeks where my study will be more full on, and with appointments and tests still pending, I might be called on more to my family commitments too. If this is the case though, Project Destiny should not stall. David, as you know, is currently acting as assistant games master here, and my hope is that you will all have some posts with each other as well. So, if there is any reason I go missing again you have a point of contact, and hopefully you wont be relying on me for too many of your tags. In any rate, I will attempt to notify you all next time I go absent.

Assistant game master

I am still on the look out for an assistant game master, as David is only in the role as a temporary measure. The role does not need to be in character, but an interested person should be prepared to help drive story, and attend to some behind the scenes work within the Simm. For more information or if you or someone you know might be interested, please contact me.

Mission in the spotlight

With things having been slower recently I have decided to postpone the Mission in the spotlight until things have moved on a little.


I would like to encourage you to be thinking about your own mission ideas. Nothing is set in stone here and for story telling purposes roles can be fluid. If you have any mission ideas that you would be willing to take the lead on, then let me or David (or whoever happens to be Assistant Game master) know, and provide us with some details and the chances are we will let you run with it, whilst helping to work out some of the finer details.

Thank you all for your patients in this time. I hope to tell some fantastic stories with you.


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