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Travis Morgan

Name Travis Morgan

Position Lead investigator

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 40
Place of Birth Chicago, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 178cm
Weight 95.25kilos
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color green
Physical Description Travis is a 40 year old Human. Looks good in a suit and does not smoke or drink much, but socially he will smoke a cigar. He is the quintessential silver fox. Most women find him attractive.


Spouse None
Children Several scattered all over the Galaxy
Father Travis Sr.
Mother Mary
Brother(s) Unk
Sister(s) Unk
Other Family Tbd

Personality & Traits

General Overview Travis is a guys guy. He likes sports. Rides Harley's or Motorcycles when on Earth. Has a bit of a mysterious streak. Spent some time in Star Fleet from age 23-35. With 3 whole years unaccounted for. This the mystery. But when in Star Fleet he was in Star Fleet Security, became an investigator and then went to Star Fleet Intelligence. That's where his record ends. And one day he was back and 40 years old. His record is impeccable. He is decorated for Valor Bravery and Heroisim. A true hero.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a leader born. His weaknesses are, his ego. And the fact that he thinks he's better than must. Does not deal well with people. Afraid of the open Sea. Prefers land.
Ambitions Live love and persue happiness. Survive and help those close to him to survive.
Hobbies & Interests Too many to record

Personal History Travis Morgan will tell you that as a boy in Chicago, he dreamed of someday becoming a Cadet in Star Fleet. If he were hooked up to a polygraph, it would say that he is not lying. But anything before Star Fleet just does not exist. But his SF record is in tact and shows him to be well above average. He studied Physical Security, Ship Board Policing and Law Enforcement, Maritime Law and Safety Afloat. Investigations and Advanced Theory of Physical Investigations. He is trained in First Aid as a First Responder and a Small Arms Expert with all Star Fleet Individual weapons to include combustion weapons of the 20/21st centuries. A big fan of the 1911A1 .45 Pistol (combat commander of which he has two).

If asked he will tell you a story of a woman named Milia. A Orion Woman apparently a super spy. This woman lives in the Delta Quadrant in a place called Mantis One. Experts have looked for the planet two times the size of Earth and M Class, but they have not found it. The best medical could come up with is that he was drugged and it was a very good hallucination. But he swears it's all true. But with no point of reference, he let it go and is getting on with his life!
Previous Employement Star Fleet Security
Star Fleet Intelligence

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