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Name Helen

Position Medic

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Minaran (Minaran Colony)
Date of Birth (Age) 29
Place of Birth Unknown to her

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 127 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Helen is a humanoid female with her eyes catching light and always has the sparkle from a smile if she smiles or not. Being mute naturally her voice is through her comm Badge and a type of Morris code she uses to translate her thoughts to words. She understands more than most as her race have no vocal cords and communicate telepathically with images and such. She has an expression that says understanding when she makes eye contact. Her trim figure is often accented by the body suits and trimmer clothing choices; she feels restrained in baggy clothing, choosing loose flowing skirts to slacks and enjoys leotard style tops

(Her actual Name is a Mental image as her people have no Vocal Cords to speak.)


Father Unknown
Mother Helga (Real is Mental Image)
Other Family Medical Staff of rehabilitation Center are viewed as family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Helen is the name referred to her from her time in cativity; the Pirates that had her used her for healing them as her race; still unknown, has an ability to sense wounds and the best way to heal them; especially good with minor wounds. Her being without vocal cords makes it harder for her to communicate in the normal sense. Where she seems to have advantage is in her natural ‘understanding’ of conversations; she can tell aggressive natures and the intent; it seems, of any language spoken. Being a strong telepathic type she uses this to translate, Her hearing is normal as is her five senses. She usues a tap on her wrist that can be holo projected keyboard or more simple tap in old Morris Code using the Universal Translator in her Communicator to project a synthized voice.

These drawback do not seem to demean her nature; she is a most kind and caring individual; being an Empath she can sense pain levels and is friendly; an excellent listener and so ‘aware’ of things as though life is a constant amazement to her. Her name is an image; she sketched a beach scene looking from the bluff to the ocean with a sea shells along it, the picture was in black and white. She informed that she is used to Helen as a name and uses that.

The Pirate beat her and her Mother and Helen is not quick to be friend; she is friendly to a fault but never really close; she does not mind touch like Vulcans as she has strong telepathy and senses to a degree physical mental impressions are registered but insignificant. She senses intentions strongest of all; it is hard even for a trained Betazoid to hide intent from Helen.

The one hindrance in her telepathy, being a powerful empath her ability to ‘project’ or insert thoughts in normal folk is weak if not nil, she can communicate normally with other telepathic or Empaths, but her ability to ‘speak’ with normal individuals through thought has no reading despite numerous tests. Helen favored and bonded with several nurses; where even a hybrid telepathic could form a rudimentary bond Helen was no more able to speak mentally as she could vocally.

She hates Replicators; while adrift on the Pirate Vessel she could not get food from the replicators, not because they were locked; she tried pressing buttons that are not there and beating it with a wrench, she could not get it to activate as they are controlled by Voice activation. his has made her hatred of replicators.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Compassionate
+ Psychic Healing
+ Strong Empath (Double that of Betazoids)

- No vocal cords
-Hide her true healing gift, uses med-tools prodominantly
-Takes wound upon herself and has limitations.
-Uses adapted UT function to communicate.
- Can only speak telepathically with other emphatic types
Ambitions To help heal people.
Hobbies & Interests Socializing
Leather working
Making things on a loom
Horseback riding
Plays Staff Flute

Personal History The only real History that can be complied after weeks of working with a Universal translator; sketch pads and typing is that at the age of four her mother and Helen were taken into slavery; not normal for her race but she had many land and other pictures of things used to describe people’s names and events. With no vocal cords she had to learn our language; the Pirates were a mixed motley crew; Helen’s mother was a healer; one with great skill to be sure and she passed that to Helen. Her early childhood was wrought with vivid images of being chained; beatings to her to make her mother heal pirates. Accurate sketches of a dozen of the corpses found on the ship. No sign of her mother was located. It was later learn the body ’disappeared’ and she ‘felt’ the meaning from the Pirates.

The Pirates used Helen as a child to heal minor wounds and her Mother did the more severe damage until her Mother was pushed too far and died to save daughter; pirates threatened Helen if Mother did not heal a mortally wounded Captain. After the Loss of her Mother the Pirates used her skills to heal; they had her run so ragged she was half dead when the ship finally drifted into Federation space and the weak distress was answered. Helen sensed the intent of the raiders to kill all the Pirates and anyone on ship; Helen could ‘sense/ smell' them coming and with minor movements avoided notice. She was starving literally to death because she had no voice to order food and they are voice command activated.

A Betazoid came to help with Helen; her sharing Telepathy helped fill in many gaps as she was able to communicate telepathically with Helen; thus proving her race uses telepathy to communicate among themselves whomever that race may be? A tragic event of their Sun sparked a movement to a ; and she only Called it, 'a safe place' by the Benevolence of the Sacred Ones Who Watch Over Them moved the whole of the doomed planet population to another place. Helen and her Mother were taken from that place and Pirates used their 'Gifts' for combat healing. Helen has no reference to where she came from she was too young.

After 32 Months at a Federation rehabilitation and learning Center before she could attend a medical college which she was like a savant and completed it in half the time. She was desirous of helping people and went out with peace Keeping Organizations. She found the horrors of War and wanted to help the victims rather than the troops that did damage to both sides; military and civilian. Three years did not pass fast enough; she got out and joined a Hospital ship.

After a small civil incursion the Hospital went to orbit and was counter-attacked; an unarmed ship took heavy damage and numerous casualties, The aggressors board and killed 75% of the wounded and all the crew running ship. The Medical staff were taken to surface. Helen describes hunger, lack of rest, light beatings as she needed to learn a lesson but must work at healing. The medical supplies ran low and Helen did minor woulds upon her own power to extend the supplies.

Before her secret was found the Fleet Star ships came and stopped both sides and gathered all prisoners. Helen had been slapped so many time for not speaking she wanted to be away from people for two years seeking peace through Guru’s and other ways.

When a small village she stayed with during part of her quest for peace had a Mutated Flu Virus break out and the Synthesized drugs did not work, Helen found natural remedies to ease pain had help recovery; for weeks she one at a time several times a day did minor healing the accumulated effects along with herbal medicine healed them and her discovery of the plants was praised.

Again half dead she had to leave the village and enter a bigger city in Tibet; she sought meditation to have her own reserves replenished. Word had spread about a miracle healer; her nursing credential were highest security rating and performance parameters enough to be a doctor but she remains a nurse to help more people.

The Destiny Project recruit her as a Medical Technician to aid with the teams.

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