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Kyle Stanton

Name Kyle Harrison Stanton

Position Pilot/Engineer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 35
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland

Physical Appearance

Height 5.10"
Weight 165
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Medium build, scar on left hip from childhood accident. Tattoo on left shoulder from Starfleet Corps of Engineers, another from Fleet Operations, Epsilon Sector on right bicep. Not overly athletic but not tending toward flab yet.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Seamus Stanton
Mother Arie Stanton
Brother(s) Declan Stanton
Sister(s) Marie O'Hara

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally jovial, but when on mission tends to focus on the task at hand. Loves to take on puzzles involving engineering and inventing ways to get things done or to improve upon existing technologies by experimentation. Hates to leave anything undone or unsolved.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong in thinking 'out of the box' to find solutions to present dilemmas. Weakness is that he has to find ways to express himself when explaining his work to others, often referring to diagrams and visual media to facilitate communications.
Ambitions To be Chief Engineer on a starship in the fleet. To become a master chef. To learn to play the autoharp.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering with the holodeck programming in order to achieve more realistic results. Engineering ways to improve upon existing ship systems and armaments. Cooking 'real' food, and playing soccer.

Personal History Stanton was born to Starfleet parents, his father was a structural engineer at Utopia Planetia, and his mother was an intelligence officer on the USS Strathmore. He was an above-average student in his academic career, and applied to Starfleet Academy straight out of secondary school.

Completing his first tour of duty in 2384, he served aboard the USS Herdemon in the Bolis Cluster as Ensign to Lieutenant Clive Harris. Chief Engineer. Meritorious Service Commendation for successfully completing that duty. Then he was transferred to USS Ezekiel for final training as Engineer First Class. Awarded the ranking in 2385, with completion of tour of duty. Assigned as Assistant Chief of Engineering on USS Exeter from 2385-present.

It should be noted, though, that during his time in Starfleet, Stanton became dissatisfied with the rank=and-file mentality of most of the officers in Starfleet, so he began to question the status quo. While he understood the necessity for 'need-to-know' in particular situations, Starfleet had taken to progressively more vague orders for him and his teams, leading him to enquire about the justification for building his last project, Iberia Station. Instead of an outpost above an inhabited world, as he was led to believe, Iberia became a forward base for Starfleet listening posts and research station to study and prey upon the unsuspecting inhabitants below. In addition to the engineering responsibilities he held. his duties required him to earn a pilot's certification for both transports and runabouts, in order to ferry supplies, workers, and occasional dignitaries/visitors to the station to oversee construction.

He resigned his commission as Lieutenant Commander for the SCE detachment there as soon as he could, filed his grievance with the Fleet, and headed home. However, the need for engineers has become increasingly higher as of late, and he decided to join Project Destiny after seeing the openings on a job board.

Previous Employement See above for employment

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