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Michael Devereaux

Name Michael Augustus Devereaux

Position Chief Technician

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 28/03/23**
Place of Birth New Hope, Florida, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78m (5'10")
Weight 85kg (187)
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Deep Blue
Physical Description Physically fit

Has a Marine Tattoo on his right upper-arm.


Spouse Anna Lafayette, High School Teacher (Died 2384)
Children Chloe Lafayette Deveroux (daughter)
Father Marcus Deveroux, Starfleet Engineer on the U.S.S. Henry V
Mother Drusilia Deveroux, (Nee Robinson) Marine Officer
Brother(s) James William MacMillan (brother-in-law), Lawyer

Johan Maier (brother-in-law)
Sister(s) Julia MacMillan (elder sister) High School Teacher

Jane Maier (Nee Lafayette) (sister-in-law)
Other Family Alia MacMillan (niece), Gretchen Maier (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Prior to his wife's death , Michael was a hard working but easy-going officer. This is no longer the case, he is now emotional withdrawn and is prone to dark moods. Currently this is not affecting his work, but I suggest he have regular appointments with the counselor on his next billet to help him get through his feelings of grief. - Lt. Cmdr Susan Murphy, Ship's Counselor, U.S.S. Nautilus.
Strengths & Weaknesses + exceptional engineer

+ teacher

+ leader

- grieving

- can be harsh
Ambitions To be a good father.
Hobbies & Interests CQC


Reading technical journals

Likes to cook.

Personal History Michael has a natural affinity for engines of any kind. Like a lot of Starfleet engineers he built models of starships as a child. He is a dedicated officer, his Marine training gives him understanding of the need of security in Main Engineering, while other Engineers see them as a hindrance he sees them as a necessity. Unlike a lot Marines and former Marines aboard ship he has no fighter pilot experience.

As stated above his wife's death has not affected his work, but this may not last.

Michael and Anna had known each other since they were children, but only started dating at high school. They broke up when Michael entered the Academy, but when he graduated, he asks her to marry him, she accepted and they were married the next year. Nine months later their daughter Chloe was born. Michael hated being away from his young family and spent time with them whenever he could.

In 2384 Anna charted a shuttle to meet him for his birthday, as the U.S.S. Nautilus (his billet at the time) was at Jupiter Station. During the trip the shuttle had to pass through the asteroid belt. The shuttle lost control and crashed into an asteroid. There were no survivors. When he was informed of the crash, he was granted bereavement leave and he went home to see his daughter who was staying with his sister and her husband.

In 2385 Michael returned to Starfleet, taking an instructor's position at the Academy, Teaching Battlefield Engineering. He took this position to be closer to his daughter.
Previous Employement 2370 – Entered the Academy
2374 – Gradated the Academy (Major in Engineering, minor in Starfleet History)
2375 – Graduated Marine Officer training.
2375 - Placed in charge of 2nd Platoon of Marine
Engineers attached to Bravo Company at SMC San Francisco
2379 – Transfers to Starfleet
2379 – 2381 Staff Engineer U.S.S. Abel Tasman (Nebula Class) (Lt.j.g.)
2381 - 2384 Senior Engineer U.S.S. Nautilus (Akira Class) (Lt.)
2384 – Took bereavement leave
2385 – 2393 - Academy Instructor
2393 - CEO USS Chester.
2395 - Chief Technician of Project Destiny

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