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Ryan Blake

Name Ryan Harlowe Blake M.D.

Position Medic

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) February 14, 2356
Place of Birth Theta Six

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ryan is of medium height and is slimly built. She is pale-skinned and has inquisitive green eyes, with a ready smile.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Carlo Messina (currently incarcerated)
Mother Antonia Catellano (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Nicole Blake
Other Family Adoptive Mother/Maternal Aunt: Gina Blake

Adoptive Father/Uncle via Marriage: Thomas Blake

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Despite her life experiences which might have taught her otherwise, Ryan is generally a hopeful and caring person. She is intelligent, focused, and driven. She has a well-developed sense of humor and often uses sarcasm in times of stress. Ryan is an outgoing person who likes getting to know people to feel a basic connection with others, but she has only a few truly close friends that remind her there is life outside of work.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ryan’s biggest strength is that she knows who she is and what she has to offer professionally, and she knows how to be a team player. She considers herself to be a healer first, and she doesn’t mind taking a supportive role as long as she believes what she is doing is contributing to the overall mission. She is a dedicated and ethical professional who isn’t afraid to voice her opinions and advocate as her profession demands, even when her arguments clash with the larger mission goals. She is protective of those she serves with and is passionate about her role as a confidante to those who are unable or unwilling to share everything they’ve done in the name of protecting the Federation.

Although her work with SCIS provided her with some experience on how to navigate multiple roles, Ryan still struggles at times to juggle her obligations as a healer and her obligations as an objective observer. Although she firmly believes in all efforts to protect Federation citizens from the dangers in the shadows, having to take a more detached analytical, unemotional attitude for certain tasks can take its toll on her. Ryan is a healer at heart and sometimes it can be difficult for her to suppress those instincts to be the objective professional who is often asked to take part in missions that fall into a morally gray area for her team’s benefit. In addition, while Ryan is a friendly and outgoing person generally, it takes more energy from her to be this way compared to a more naturally extroverted person. Under extreme personal stress, Ryan’s tendency is to isolate herself first, then reach out to others to process her emotions.

Ambitions Ryan’s greatest ambition is to someday marry and have children.

Hobbies & Interests Ryan generally prefers intellectual pursuits over physical ones, but she exercises regularly to keep in shape as the regulations and her own profession demands. She genuinely enjoys keeping up to date on the latest research in her fields of practice and enjoys working on her own research projects in her spare time. Her current projects concern therapeutic efforts to help trauma survivors or minimally invasive medical treatments.

Personal History Ryan is the product of a brief but tempestuous union between Antonia Catellano, a human legal aid working on Federation planet Theta Six, and her boss, Carlo Messina, a lawyer specializing in cases involving the violation of Federation rights. At first, the relationship was blissful, with the elder Carlo taking care of the much younger Antonia in ways she’d always dreamed. Carlo was thrilled when he learned Antonia was pregnant, and the couple happily celebrated Ryan’s birth with Cattellano’s sister and brother-in-law, Gina and Thomas Blake, lawyers also working on behalf of Federation citizens’ rights.

Over time, however, the Blakes began to see less and less of Antonia and Ryan as Carlo became more domineering and virtually obsessed with maintaining control of his family. What was initially excused as the overprotectiveness of a first time father soon came to be seen as an unhealthy attempt to cut anyone from Ryan’s life that Carlo viewed as a rival for Ryan’s affection, including Ryan’s own mother and her family. Unbeknownst to them, Carlo was also physically abusive toward Antonia, a fact that would not be discovered until much later.

Antonia eventually ended the relationship and decided to return home to San Francisco, but the battle for custody of then five year old Ryan continued. The two were ordered to share joint custody temporarily until a final determination could be made, but this wasn’t good enough for Carlo, who refused to return Ryan after a visit with her father on Theta Six. Thus began a lengthy legal battle that left Ryan feeling like the rope in a tug of war. Both sides claimed the other was abusive and a danger to Ryan and both sides seemed to be determined to win at all costs.

Although everyone warned her not to, Antonia agreed to meet with Carlo alone on Theta Six to discuss a compromise. To this day, everyone can agree that was their intent, but what happened after is less clear, except Antonia didn’t make it out of the meeting alive. Claiming self-defense during an attack Carlo claimed Antonia initiated, Carlo asserted he accidentally pushed Antonia and she slipped and struck her head on a nearby table, which ultimately resulted in her death. Conflicting autopsy reports kept the case in limbo for months, until finally, Carlo was charged with the murder. From his jail cell awaiting trial, Carlo was determined not to let Antonia’s family have custody of Ryan, and he convinced his brother, Giovanni, married and with kids of his own, to fight for custody of Ryan. The judge granted Giovanni’s request, citing the importance of not uprooting young Ryan from the life she knew.

More confused and angry than ever, Ryan continued to see her mother’s family for visitations, and she continued to hear conflicting stories about who her mother and father really were. During the chaos of her early adolescence, Ryan acted out and spent more than her fair share of time cozying up to less than savory members of society, partly out attraction to the bad boys in life and partly out of a desire to understand men like her father and all the mixed feelings she had about their relationship.

The stress took its toll on the girl over time, and came to a boiling point when she tried to take her life at sixteen. This was enough to prompt another hearing in which a clinical and forensic psychiatrist finally determined Giovanni and his family, and by extension, Carlo, who was now convicted of her mother’s murder but still proclaiming his innocence, were detrimental to Ryan’s psychological well-being. She was removed from her aunt and uncle’s care and adopted by her maternal aunt and uncle in San Francisco, Gina and Thomas Blake, who had never stopped fighting for her.

Despite her troubled start in life, Gina and Thomas gave her structure and were always honest with her about her past. Ryan always felt loved, even when her baby half-sister, Nicole, came along. Perhaps driven by genes or perhaps by social influence, no one was surprised when Ryan proved to be a smart, well-liked student who decided to pursue a career helping people. Citing a desire to escape her past and start fresh, she surprised everyone when she announced she had entered Starfleet Academy. A far bigger surprise, however, was Ryan’s decision to pursue training in psychiatry. Although Gina and Thomas would say they had every confidence in their daughter to thrive, they would also admit they often feared events in her life had scarred her far too much. They initially worried her interest in psychiatry in general and forensic psychiatry in particular represented an unhealthy fixation on a defining event in her past. At times, she could become much more withdrawn and reflective than her peers.

Eighteen-year-old Ryan would go on to explain her passionate desire to understand the minds of the people who had profoundly shaped her life. This included her father, who despite having her love and that of her mother, could never feel secure enough to give up control, and the forensic psychiatrist, who had helped free her from an environment Blake couldn’t adequately describe herself, and even if she could, the psychiatrist recognized Ryan needed someone to speak for her. It also included the minds of her maternal aunt and uncle, whom she recognized were still reeling from their own loss. Her parents made no secret of their reservations surrounding a potential life in Starfleet, but ultimately, they believed it wasn’t their place to stop Ryan from reaching her goals.

She did well at Starfleet Academy and then Starfleet Medical Academy in large part because she had a fresh start. She still maintained her desire to understand and treat troubled minds and hearts because of her personal experiences, but she could also develop additional healthier motivations that didn’t keep her stuck in the chaos of her childhood. She loved the relative certainty of medicine in general, enjoying the rush of saving lives, ushering in new life, and tending to wounds big and small. Her psychiatric work satisfied her inquisitive and investigative nature while it also offered the promise of helping people heal their old wounds, even when it required facing the less idyllic side of Federation life to help people find some semblance of justice.

Upon graduation, she was posted as a medical officer and member of the mental health staff aboard the USS Ames, where she steadily proved herself to be a competent, dependable member of the medical and mental health team. Though eager to find a place more suited to her specialties, Ryan used the opportunity to broaden her understanding of Starfleet and its diverse missions as well as the daily physical and psychological demands upon a ship’s crew. This experience would serve her well when she was later selected for a staff forensic psychiatrist position with the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service.

As a member of the SFCIS staff, Ryan earned a reputation for being a fair and objective professional who could develop psychological profiles, assist with interviews and interrogations, provide crisis counseling and victim advocacy, as well as expert testimony in criminal cases. Over time, the demands of the job became more complex and more emotionally demanding, particularly during joint investigations with Starfleet Intelligence when success wasn’t just defined by convicting criminals but saving lives. It was no secret to anyone this sometimes meant sacrificing a few lives for the greater good, but to the empathetic Ryan, this had always been more of an abstract idea rather than a personal reality.

That was, of course until recently, when an investigation into slavers associated with the Deloria Cartel resulted in the death of a woman Ryan was trying to help rescue from sex trafficking. Deemed less valuable to the investigation compared to other sources of information, the woman was denied protection and ultimately murdered when she tried to escape on her own. Ryan is still haunted by this event and angered by the role she inadvertently played in earning the young woman’s trust and then betraying it. Reeling from the loss, Ryan eventually resigned her Starfleet commission, deciding she could use her skills to forge her own path. Project Destiny represents just such opportunity.

Previous Employement Starfleet Medical Residency (Emergency Medicine & Forensic Psychiatry)
Medical Officer/Staff Psychiatrist, USS Ames
Staff Psychiatrist, Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service
Present: Forensic Psychiatrist, Project Destiny

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