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Yvette Beauvoir

Name Yvette Marie Beauvoir

Position Communications

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan
Place of Birth Near Rennes, Brittany, France, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.70m (5'7")
Weight 54kg (119lb)
Hair Color Reddish brown
Eye Color Pale Blue
Physical Description Slim, fit and attractive. Slightly pointed ears and slightly swept back eye brows. Her reddish brown hair and pale blue eyes are rare for someone of Vulcan ancestry. Her uniform is always perfect.


Father Simon Yves Beauvoir ( English Literature Professor, Academie de Bretagne, Brittany, France, European Alliance, Earth)
Mother Captain T'Lisa May Anderson
Brother(s) Lt. Jason Anderson Beauvoir (elder brother) Chief Science officer of USS Imperator, Detective Jean-Pierre Beauvoir (twin brother) (Civilian Police Officer).
Sister(s) Bianca Beauvoir (Nee' Conti) (sister-in-law) (Civilian Lawyer)
Other Family Valek of Vulcan (Starfleet Security, retired, Surak City, Vulcan) (Maternal grandfather), T'Mari Anderson (Architect, retired, Surak City, Vulcan) (Maternal Grandmother), Varnak of Vulcan (Lecturer at the Vulcan Science Academy, Vulcan) (Maternal Uncle), Jeanne Yvette Beauvoir (nee' Dumont) (Federation Diplomat, retired, Brittany, France, Earth (Paternal Grandmother), Alexandre Simon Beauvoir (Starfleet Engineer) (Paternal Grandfather) [DECEASED], Jacques Beauvoir (Paternal Uncle), Henri Beauvoir (Paternal Uncle), Sarah Beauvoir (Nee Adler) (Aunt), Robert Beauvoir (cousin), Louis Beauvoir (cousin), Dylan Beauvoir (Nephew), Coln Jena (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Is the consummate professional, or at least she believes to be. She lacks empathy, but does a good job of hiding it with a veneer of caring. Sees most people as tools to help her achieve her goals. The only people that she truly loves are her father and her brothers.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent,


+knack with languages

+a good actor.




-emotionally distant

-a workaholic.

Ironically all the traits she detests in her mother.
Ambitions To track down the Romulan agent known as T'Kea and get some revenge.

To find someone to love.
Hobbies & Interests *Alphanumeric and word puzzles.

*Logic exercises.

*Martial Arts.


*A glass of wine and a good book.

Languages: Federation Standard (English), French, Klingon(ese), Vulcan/Romulan and Cardassian

Personal History Yvette Marie Beauvoir was born in Brittany, France, the only daughter of Simon Yves Beauvoir, an English literature professor and T'Lisa May Anderson, a Starfleet officer.

While her elder brother was concentrating languages and his science homework and her twin brother was always wanted to play cops and robbers, Yvette grew bitter at what she saw as her mother's abandonment and would spend her time in her room reading technical journals, and writing in her diary. She also enjoyed taking machines apart to see how they work and of course putting them back together again.
When she left school Yvette wanted to be a engineer and loath as she was to follow her (hated) mother and her elder brother into Starfleet, she found that the organisation offered the best opportunities, so she enrolled at the Academy.

She passed the entrance exam with ease, she came from a very academically gifted family. Meeting so many different people at the Academy, brought the self-imposed recluse out of herself somewhat and she even began dating.

Although she originally planned to Major in Engineering, a chance meeting in her first year made her take Security and Operations papers, culminating in her graduating with a major in Security and a minor in Operations.
Following graduation she joined Starfleet Intelligence. Intelligence work was something that she readily embraced, not as a way of helping others, but because knowing things that others didn't made her feel good.

Although chiefly analyst, between 2384 and Late 2385 she did undertake some field work. Going undercover as an Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Nelson stationed in Cardassian space.
There were rumours that officers aboard were selling Starfleet intel to the Romulans and other governments that are actively hostile to the Federation. After several months of work she discovered that the rumours were true and the [i]Nelson[/i]'s XO and Intelligence Officer, among others, were both involved.
With the aid of the [i]Nelson[/i]'s Security Chief, Yvette was able to track down all the traitors, save for T'Kea, the [i]Nelson[/i]'s Vulcan Intelligence Officer, who caused an overload in the ship's warp core and escaped in the ensuing chaos.

Returning home, Yvette was annoyed that T'Kea had got away, but her superiors were so pleased with her work that they had a new assignment for her, she was to be assigned to the [i]Fairbright[/i] as Intelligence Officer.

In Late 2386 she went undercover again as a Romulan civilian trader. Her mission was to uncover information on a Tal Shair base thought to be present in the Neutral Zone. Having spent several months compiling data on its likely location, she was just returning home across the Zone when Hobus exploded.

Returning to the Fairbright she was promoted.

During a top secret mission aboard the Liberator, the original XO was seriously injured an she took his place.

Upon returning to Federation space and underwent debriefing, she was assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer Rouen Colony, Nova Europa.

After the Borg destroyed Rouen Colony, Yvette joined the crew of the ship that came to their rescue, USS Endeavour.
Previous Employement 2375 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2379 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, with a Major in Security at the Academy, with a Minor in Operations
2379 - Joined Starfleet Intelligence and underwent orientation.
2380 - 2385 - Assigned to an SI listening post near the Romulan border, as an Encryption Analyst.
2383 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2384 - 2385 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Nelson as an Operations Officer.
2385 - Returned home for debrief and a few months leave.
2386 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Fairbright as Intelligence Officer
2386 -2387 Undercover in Romulan space.
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant and giving the position of 2nd Officer aboard the Fairbright.
2387 - 2390 Intelligence /2nd Officer of the U.S.S. Fairbright.
2390 - Chief Intelligence Officer /2nd Officer of the U.S.S. Liberator.
2390 - Chief Intelligence Officer /XO of the U.S.S. Liberator.
2390 - 2392 - Chief Intelligence Officer of Rouen Colony, Nova Europa
2392 - 2396 - Chief Intelligence Officer of U.S.S. Endeavour
2395 - Promoted to Lt. Commander
2396 - Chief Operations Officer of USS Nightingale

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