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Fiona Banninga

Name Fiona Banninga

Position Communications

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Place of Birth Ireland, Earth

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown


Spouse David Banninga
Children Lotte Banninga (step daughter)
Brother(s) Ronald Hawk

Personality & Traits

Personal History Fiona grew up on the Hawk family potato farm, that had been in her family for several generations. She had a love for her home life, and in some small way a love for the day to day farming chores.

It had always been expected that her elder brother Ron would take control of the farm once their parents retired, but Ron being unhappy with settling for a life of farming found an escape in Star Fleet.

The family went into turmoil, and their father all but disowned Ron, with their mother following suit reluctantly.

From this point Fiona was looked at as the inheritor of the farm and business, and spent many years preparing for such a role, whilst remaining in contact with her brother, who shared his stories of adventure, and sometimes of terror.

The fact that Ron was happy to continue is adventure outside of the safety of the farm, even after he had suffered some terrible things, spoke volumes to Fiona, and she began to wonder if perhaps life should be more than just farming.

Eventually she met David Banninga and they hit it off, rushing at a relationship and marrying in only a few brief weeks. Their marriage however folded after a few months, and they went their own separate ways.

They however met again on Langley Station where Fiona was visiting her brother.

[follow this section of the story on Langley Station]

Now Fiona and David are happily back in each other’s arms, caring for David’s daughter Lotte together, and Fiona has left the farm behind her, under the care of her mothers eye and a hand full of farm hands.

It’s time for Fiona to have her own adventures now, alongside her husband within team Beta of Project Destiny.

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