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T'Lisa Anderson

Name T'Lisa Mary Anderson

Position Teamleader Team Alpha

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Human
Date of Birth (Age) 3-28-2328 (67)
Place of Birth Surak City, Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73 m (5' 8")
Weight 57kg (125lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Pale Blue
Physical Description Tall, toned, possesses normal Vulcan features, though her blue eyes are uncommon among Vulcanoids.


Spouse Simon Yves Beauvoir (English Literature Professor, Université Rennes 2, Brittany, France, European Alliance, Earth)
Children Lieutenant Jason Anderson Beauvoir (Eldest son) (Chief Science Officer U.S.S. Imperator) Lieutenant Yvette Marie Beauvoir (daughter) (Chief Operations Officer, U.S.S. Nightingale), Detective Jean-Pierre Beauvoir (younger son) (Civilian Police Officer), Bianca Beauvior (Nee' Conti) (daughter-in-law) (Civilian Lawyer)
Father Valek of Vulcan (Starfleet Engineer, retired, Surak City, Vulcan)
Mother Nina Anderson (Architect, retired, Surak City, Vulcan)
Brother(s) Varnak of Vulcan (Younger brother), Lecturer at the Vulcan Science Academy, Vulcan)
Other Family Coln Jena (granddaughter), Dylan Beauvior (grandson)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cool, calm, aloof, clinical. Is a competent commander.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Has an acquiring mind


+emotionally distant

+lacks intuition
Hobbies & Interests *Archaeology and anthropology

*Red wine

*Mental puzzles

*Mystery Novels.

Languages Earth Standard (English)

Personal History Although T'Lisa was born on Vulcan she had an intense interest in the mythology of Earth's classical period. This interest was only increased when she was 12, and her mother took to Earth and together they spent the summer traveling around the Mediterranean region visiting many places including Rome, Athens, Sparta and Syracuse.

Her father was a Starfleet officer and it was decided that she would also be one.
At the Academy she majored in Archaeology and Anthropology, she also took some optional courses in Engineering (to keep her father happy) and Operations (as a back up career).

Not long after graduating she met Simon Beauvoir on a trip to France. She was immediately taken with the man. His love of English Literature was almost as strong as hers for mythology.

They fell in love and soon they were married and their first child, Jason was born.
In her long career she has made numerous Archaeological discoveries and written several books on archaeology and anthropology. Although she doesn't have her son's flair for languages she gets by.

In 2373 when the Borg invaded Sector 001, the Madison was part of the Starfleet force sent to repel them. When the Captain and First Officer were killed, T'Lisa took Command ordered the critically damaged ship from the battlefield so the Engineers could see to the ship and the Medics could see to the wounded. She was awarded a commendation for Valour for this action.
Previous Employement 2346 – Enters Starfleet Academy
2350 – Graduates Starfleet Academy With a Double Major in Archaeology and Anthropology
2350 - 2352 – Junior Science Officer U.S.S. Osiris (Miranda Class) (Lt. j.g.)
2352 - 2354 – Maternity Leave
2354 - 2357 - Archaeology & Anthropology U.S.S. Schliemann (Ambassador Class) (Lt.)
2357 - 2359 – Maternity Leave
2359 - 2365 - Archaeology & Anthropology U.S.S. Berlin (Excelsior Class) (Lt. Commander)
2365 – Resigns her commission and takes a job as an Archaeology and Anthropology professor at Academie de Bretagne to be with her husband and children.
2370 – Rejoins Starfleet
2370 – 2373 – 2nd Officer and Archaeology & Anthropology U.S.S. Madison (Galaxy Class) (Lt. Commander)
2373 - Takes temporary command of the Madison during the battle of Sector 001. For this she receives a commendation for Valour.
2374 - 2375 - Acting XO U.S.S. Veracruz (?) (Lt. Commander)
2375 – 2376 – Command School.
2376 - 2380 – XO U.S.S. Mendel (Nebula Class) (Commander)
2380 - 2384 - Commanding Officer U.S.S. Mendel (Nebula Class) (Captain)
2384 – Commanding Officer U.S.S. Canterbury (Intrepid Class) (Captain)
2394 - Resigns from Starfleet after a disagreement with Starfleet Command and joins Project Destiny

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