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Name Tycara

Position Pilot/Engineer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mysterious alien in suit
Date of Birth (Age) 10/7/2466 (28)
Place of Birth Star Ship (Kassanha, destroyed)

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 134 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description What is a fighter Pilot’s pressure suit with armored plates strtegicly place over her vitals with enough space to protect and not hinder movement. A Disruptor pistol on her right thigh; Ballistic weapon on her left and Smaller Phaser pistol on back belt line under her breathing gear. A long cloak of darkest gray and flight helmet to match the light gray plating of the suit. The cut of the suit is an athletic build with defines feminine curves. Her voiced is from a speaker and modulated to have a subtle voice that is not hers but very humanoid sounding like a female pilot would.

Secret: Outside armor she is a triathlete body with the heritage of Orion genes; black short hair and green eyes that have a sparkle as only an Orion can. Her real voice is naturally sultry and she is lithe as she moves. She is a seductive woman with a dancer’s grace and curves. Her singing voice is not utilized except when out of her Flight Gear. Not in public around her team.

A Celtic style knot work tattoo that is a UPC code among those in slave trade. Is covered by silver anklet on left side.


Father Neeshan (Enforcer)
Mother Maleekna (Breeding Stock
Brother(s) unknown other than older and there were 3
Sister(s) One, Older and sold into some House that could afford her.
Other Family Captain Lotus Po (Retired Pirate Captain)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tycara is a self-assured mercinary out for her own good, her loyalty can be bought to a degree as long as it follows her Professional Code of Conduct. Her initial persona is curt; a professional aloofness. To her the Reputation is high above all else, it is her Calling Card to the Universe as a whole.
While cold on an assignment she does have some compassion in herin her shooting to kill quickly; rarely taking wounding shots to make a point unless ordered by contract. Given a choice she only kills when paid to or threatened. It is a pride with her to call her shots; if she can concentrate for 5 seconds her accuracy is near 100%; she tends to come into a fight and concentrates on her targets. Being a fast gun with accuracy is her reputation.

She wears the flight gear at all times when on assignment or within her team gathering. Perpetuating that she is an alien and needs her gear; it is in her code that no one else removes her Flight gear and lives to see what Alien she is. Acting more like a breen than anything else Tycara’s persona is her profession and has reminded counselors that not all aliens are ‘nice to look at nor are all aliens ‘happy’ in a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere.’ She tends to keep a close comrade with a team she trusts.

Her quarters are with a fine mist ; low hanging at deck level, and the heat is toned down but tolerable to most humanoids if not a little ‘Tropical humidity in nature. She will have her face in a mobile breathing apparatus and light chemical suit for visitations; her door has manual locks on the inside to warn of entry.

Her loyalty is to the team and the contract once she signs on. She is honorable to a fault in a Mercenary way. Her Personal Code will not be broken and is stubborn about her Reputation and guards it with great vengeance and passion. She is hard to befriend but once a friend she will be loyal to the bitter end.
Strengths & Weaknesses On her plus side she is loyal to the terms of the contract; honorable to a fault, great with hand, energy and percussion weapons. Natural piloting skills and will defend her team and friends to the death. She has EMT experience from her Pirate days as 'Medic to her Captain.

Not so positive is her aloof nature with her Professional persona; her code will not be broken by her and is obsessively stubborn about her reputation. She is also difficult to befriend.
Ambitions Enough money banked to live well as herself.
Hobbies & Interests Reading of Philosophy
Cooking of real food.
Percussion weapon Trick shooting.
Woo-shoo (Kung Fu)
Blade combat
Sword play
Carving / Whittling
Flies old gliders and propeller driven aircraft
Loves long hot baths and will secretly have a Spa day outside her Flight Gear.

Personal History Raised until age 9 as an Orion Slave Girl she learn the art of seduction and hostess. Taught to sing and dance both free style and formal ball room techniques. When her Slave vessel cross certain hunting grounds a Pirate raid took it out and Tycara was taken as ‘Treasure by a female Pirate Captain. Raised under the wing of the Captain Tycara was given a cat mask and Cat suit type utilitarian under a Chinese dress cut high ti nearly her waist to allow freedom of movement to hide her Orion heritage from trading parties and the crew as they were ‘Phased out’ due to raids and such.

Four years Tycara learn the art of a Gunslinger and pilot under the Pirate Captain as her Cabin Girl and protection. Coming from China on Earth the Pirate taught her ‘girl’ what the Captain learned as a woman of means until she gave it up when the Father lost a fortune. Wearing the costume at all times outside the Captain’s Cabin as the crew were rotated out and new came on board no one knew Tycara was Orion. She had learned Piloting and, a bit of smuggling and Navigation in those years under the Captain’s tutoring, especially the Maintinace and upgrading of the Captain’s Shuttle with best parts Black Market could buy.. But times became lean in the raids and another slime had sights on commanding the ship better than as the First Mate.

At the tender age of 13 the mutiny came during a lull in the bounty; Tycara knew for her own safety keeping the Woman Captain in power was her only chance to survive unmolested. Blaming the Bad Luck on the Captain naturally they storm her quarters to find one Orion girl in a Chinese, sleeveless and high cut, shirt and Cat mask, her arms and legs green and lithe. The shock that Tycara was Orion had been kept from the men; they look at a coming of age young girl that was a slave by nature and had been under the Captain as well. The few seconds of hesitation is all Tycara needed, Twin cricket type one phasers cut down 4 attackers before anyone realized who had ‘Hit’ them so accurately. Despite the efforts of Tycara and the Captain; sheer numbers left the Captain wounded and half the crew dead, the other half chasing them through to the Hangar Deck.

The upgraded ‘Fast Shuttle’ was their escape; converted the Shuttle was away and a micro torpedo damaged a nacelle of the hip long enough for them to escape before detonating the ship and all the evidence. The Captain’s wounds are too great for further actions and with the small fortune hidden away the Pirate Mentor gave Tycara the shuttle, some latinum enough to survive and the reputation enough to hire out. This is all she needed; a fast shuttle to do some ‘transport work’ and a supply of small arms. Fast runs and some Gun Running was her bread and butter for a short time as she built her independent reputation as a Pilot and even some gun play did not hurt. Together she managed to get a gig as Hired Gun. Honing hre skill to concentrate and be fast and accurate earned some tales of the “Dead Eye Pilot with gun to back her up.

By her late teens she had been offered a place on a Mercinary team needing a skilled pilot; her natural skills and ability to protect their backs from her experiances earned her a slot on the team. Not removing her Flight Gear around anyone but the Doctor; who was sworn to secrecy by pain of death by her hand, no one knew of her Orion roots. Professing being ‘alien’ among humanoids and her complaints about the atmosphere in the ships made her seem enough different that they quit trying to ask; they figure her like the Breen and needed special requirement to live.

During breaks or Ship Down Times Tycara would go off and get out of her Flight Gear and mingle as an Orion Slave Girl; no one knew her nor her voice so she could do spa days and bathe to her heart content; have a fling or three then hidden away don the Flight gear and become Tycara the Flying Tiger again and none the wiser. She like to walk by her fling Lovers in Flight Gear and watch them cringe at the Alien.On the following parol a member of the crew wanted to know if the slender armored alien was ugly as they thought; her lithe movements in her gear told of a well groomed female she had the prowess of her ‘Tiger’ nickname. He made hints he was willing to bear her cabin and find out how ‘compatible’ they might be; Tycara only stare though her visor and then walk away without a word. He tried to pick her lock but it was on the inside. During a refit he followed her to a seedy part of town before he lost her. He knew it was near a storage locker building. He manged to find the suit after bribing a worker about the Flight Girl that had entered the building. He stake out the suit and was suddenly being asked to step out of the walkway and let her pass; a beautiful Orion Female with a sensuous voice asked. She needed to get by and retrieve some good for a party in her Master’s Chambers. The Crewman forgot about Tiger as this girl with sparkling eyes as only orions can was right there. She invited him to the Karaoke party she had attended and was getting more supplies; if he float the cover cost for himself he could come along. Taking him to a private room she ordered drinks and just when the seduction was good slipped hi a ‘Mickey’ and he passed out. She took all his goods, clothes and left him naked in the place. He managed to work to get clothing and rushed to the open locker and then an empty bay where her shuttle had been.

Tycara made a formal complaint about the Privacy clause in her contract with the team being violated. Oly the fact someone had seduced and robbed the team member stalking her did she not threaten to use her reputation to spread that this Mercenary team cannot keep terms of a contract. She had her fill of Team life for a while.

Tycara’s reputation as Pilot and Hired Gun carried enough clout to render her contract violated and no repatriations called for. Her pay and just allowed to leave. For a time she worked solo, burned by not being able to rely on the Professionalism of a team. She only worked short; one off contracts for a reputable Organized team who ‘hired out’ when needed; specializing in hostage recovert; some protection of high risk targets earned her additional Honor in her Reputation as a mercinary who followed contracts.

Avoiding being a ‘Hired Killer’ she went to Bounty Hunting with a partner; taking down some hard cases and learning the Bounty is not all it is cracked up to be despite her bringing all her Bounties in alive for higher profit. The One paying might be questionable but they paid and she left without looking back, ever. Private Security earned her flight time in high risk merchant flotillas in top of the Black Market Fighters; she wanted to take one of those babies home but soon the ‘Milk Runs’ got to her; too little excitement and rules by the Consortium to play. Nice money but it did not stimulate her; the fighter ships were all mercenaries and no real ‘Wing Man’ mentality; each pilot was on a bounty for enemy kills. Tycara was more of a team player than she realized; flight buddies for a single run then change was old. 14 months had her fill of independent flight teams per mission.

Ready to try at the ‘having someone to trust her to watch their backs consistently was an itch she had to scratch. She followed an advertisement to work ; the source was a reliable hiring middleman, so Tycara took her upgraded to the max shuttle and answered the call.

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