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The Sim

Destiny Inc. is one of the largest companies on Earth producing organic product with farms and vineyard all over the planet, founded by the Banninga family. During the two centuries the company has existed it has always been run by the family. After the death of the last CEO, Reuwke Banninga, it is now being run by his grandson David Banninga.

It started out as a means of teaching people how to produce their own food after the devastation of the third world. After first contact with the Vulcan’s, when the whole planet started to eradicate poverty and hunger the company adjusted its business to producing top quality foods that no replicator could reproduce as well as continuing providing people with the knowledge of agriculture and its history.

Project Destiny is the clandestine part of Destiny Inc. When or how the project was exactly started is very vague, besides that it was founded around the year 2300. Records of the earlier part of its history haven’t been found. What they do know is that they always had one or two teams with support staff at the home base, located on the premises of the family’s mansion, within an extensive tunnel network originally used for refuge in the third world war.

Under Reuwke the project made a fully legal turn around. Their main business is gathering intelligence, finding people, providing security and the occasional rescue operation. All of course in exchange for a generous profit. The project doesn’t advertise its services as it is not required. Satisfied clients spread the word in such a way that new assignment is always just around the corner.

After the death of Reuwke, David took over the company. For the last few years he has been focusing mostly on Destiny Inc. and gave the day to day dealings of the project to its manager. The latest of which being a Romulan named Norul. But David himself is now stepping into the project, taking the lead of Team Beta.

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