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Home Base - Grey zone

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A change of leadership occurs for Project Destiny, as the previous Directors moral and legal motives are brought into question, and the project goes to trial.

Part of Episode 1

Home Base - The deepest depths

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Home Base's vast tunnel network has been mostly lost to history, with tunnels dating back to World War 3, that are now left empty and abandoned.
Director Norul has asked for a report to be submitted on the scale of the tunnels, which having left its initial stages, now requires teams to explore the vast, deep, and dark unknown.

Team Alpha - Supernova

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A star goes supernova under suspicious circumstances, and team Alpha is sent to investigate in the absence of federation intervention.

Part of Episode 1

Team Beta - Resurrecting a team

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After the discoveries in “What went before…” David takes the reigns of the hitherto non active Team Beta. The team his parents lead before their disappearance and death. Together with his estranged wife he puts his team together.

Part of Episode 1

Private Investigation - Guard Duty

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The circles of the 'well off' is sometimes a danger as they do have those that want what they have and are willing to do anything to get it. The Daughter of a Financier is a rich girl that is doing the 'charity circuits giving help to those in need' and there have been threats to her. Is this some stalker or more dangerous? The Daughter will not be held back from what she is driven to do so to protect herself she hires a bodyguard for this 'round' of charity work.

Team Beta - Revenge

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With his team assembled and the necessary training behind them they set out to follow the clues from the little info they have on his parents last mission. What will they discover? Will they answer for the big question of what happened with his father?

Part of Season one

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