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A change of leadership occurs for Project Destiny, as the previous Directors moral and legal motives are brought into question, and the project goes to trial.

Mission Group Episode 1
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 2:00am

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Title Timeline Location
Show on the road time.
by Madeline Summers & T'Lisa Anderson & Mara Xul & Tycara
MD 04 Early departure Maeander Alpha Team Runabout
The lost art of Communication
by Norul & Tycara
Directors office
Enter the Black Hole
by Tycara & Taranlia "Lia" Lesan
MD 03 late evening. Black Hole bar
Pilot Talk
by Tycara & Kyle Stanton
TBD The Black Hole
Taking out Baby
by Tycara
MD 03 Afternoon Base / Space Lane.
Another lady to follow
by Tycara & T'Lisa Anderson
MD03 1500 Alpha Team lounge area
Stranger places Part - 1.
by Mara Xul
The Future Mirror Universe
Another place
by Helen
After training cycle, evening Liner /Station
Hot Rod home
by Hans Luger & Norul
MD 02 1300 hours Earth/ Destiny Base
Tuscan Temptation
by Taranlia "Lia" Lesan
Evening Earth/Elba/Villa
The Jade cat
by Tycara
MD 03 evening. Mansion in England, Earth.
Home at last
by Norul
MD01 - 0800 Gardens - Banninga Manor - Earth
East bound and down
by Tycara
MD 03 Tiger Shuttle

Mission Summary

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