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The homestead

Posted on Tue Mar 17th, 2020 @ 3:09am by Tycara


Rotating to release the Helmet Tycara removed the helmet and placed it on the small coffee table as she shook out her hair then removed the tie holding the shoulder length hair fall. Running fingers through it and took a breath; planetary air through filters still smell better than the recycled air of most Life support systems.

"Begin recording." She ordered the system.

Unzipping and removing the gloves was nest and placed beside the helmet.

"I decided to accept the terms of the contract by Project Destiny." She loosened the connection collar and placed it with the helmet. "I am assigned quarters; compared to much of my career and even Tiger, it is a spacious deal. I suppose being a mercenary I had come to accept cramped but my Alien projection did me well so far; I have no had roommates thus far as a part of my contracts." Tycara chuckled in her own melodious Orion voice. "I had one so small the bed was at an angle just enough to recline in a standing position, but even that was a small price to pay..." She unfastened the Life Support pack and let it lay against the couching of the small sofa and then sat next to it. "I am lucky that they have accommodations for Tiger and routine maintenance by robotics; I will naturally check on it but that means less physical labor for me."

She sat back and closed her eyes for a few seconds while she thought.

"With that being said I have met the Director of the project; I think he is of the project, or maybe he is just of the underground actual facility and running of the teams? He is a Romulan gentleman who has had a tragedy with his wife; most notable by his statement that he had been married and no woman will replace her." She sigh. "Experience tells me that something happened to her since it felt as though he spoke of his past and not present tense. Could just be me but I am guessing that is what happened. In a way I am relieved; it will mean he has no interest in the fact that my Flight Suit and armored plates are for a female. If I were to let a secret be known; not that i have plans to, that 'sort' of man would be my choice.

She had also noted he did ask a personal question; rather smart as it set boundaries, and how Tycara had answered set a tone, they both had been personable in the conversation.

A man who is not interested in replacing his probable deceased wife would be the kind an Orion would not have a chance of accidentally over-dosing him on my Heritage should he know the woman behind the helmet. That makes him safe to interact with. Again, not that I am planning to as I am here to work; I will go other side or Off-Planet to socialize."

Tycara rose from her seat and crossed to the small bar.

"What do you now they have a small stock; human Beer and wine stocked, a nice way to welcome a new contracted person. SHe commented. "Fairly good vintage so I am going to get some wine; take the bath crystals I bought in Risa and scented oils out of the small safe box in my pack and get me a very long and hot bath; I have no shower but a large spa tub. I would rather quickly sponge than take a sonic or regular shower. If I am out of the Flight Gear it is pampering time and I intend to enjoy it."

She pour the wine.

"I will check in with my Team lead while the Flight gear is sonic washed and I get myself clean for the next round. I have more than one suit so it will be a quick change if I get out of the bath too early."

End of recording.




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