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Here and now

Posted on Mon Mar 30th, 2020 @ 7:27pm by Travis Morgan

He sat there on the Bio bed with his legs dangling over like a big child. For weeks now his regular routine was going from one doctor to another. One being a shrink and the other being a scientist. They were both looking for answers.

Travis Morgan, which is what he called himself. Showed up one day at noon and no one, including himself had any idea of where he had come from. The Destiny authorities put out a tracer on him and came up with the following.

The man known as Travis Morgan had served in Star Fleet. He specialised in Security and had worked in or for Intelligence for a few years. But nothing before he entered Star Fleet or the last three years was in his file. Just a blinking period where the rest of the story should be. Whoever erased that portion of his life, did not want him or anyone else to find it.

So he sat and was tested. His story was tested against SF records. His physical body was tested for proof that he had been to the Delta Quadrant. And the results all came back the same. Inconclusive. But one thing was for sure, he was here right now and he was better than when he arrived by a long shot.

So he waited. And when the doctor arrived with padd in hand he waited to hear his prognosis.

“Well Mister Morgan. I’ll say one thing for you. You are consistent. Nothing has changed accept that you are in excellent shape and we are ready to let you start your life over. You speak to the shrink as you call him in a bit and if he clears you, you’re on your own.” Said Doctor Smith

“Ok doc. If you say so. But let me ask you this. Do you believe my story? Or do you think I’m crazy?” Travis asked.

The Doctor did not hesitate. “I believe that you believe what you’ve told us is true. And with phenomenon like the Q and plain shifting and our space and other multiverse possibilities. What you believe could very well be true. There’s just no science to support that theory. But I believe in you Mr. Morgan and I also believe that you will figure this all out in time.” Said Dr. Smith

Travis smiles and dropped his gaze to the floor. “That’s very reassuring doc.” And he slowly lifted himself off the bio bed and lowered himself to the floor. “Thanks for your help. Maybe I’ll see you around the playground sometimes!” Said Travis

“I will say this. For a man whom has been through all that I imagine you have. You still have a great sense of humour. See you around the playground. Indeed Mr. Morgan. Indeed. “ and the doctor smiled, turned and walked away.

Travis turned and left the room. As he walked down the corridor of the mental health facility. He imagined her again and a smile can to his face. The petite little green hued woman he felt so much love for. But he could also feel her fading away. The better he got the more of her he lost. And he swore to himself. If it were ever in his power. He would make someone pay. Dearly!

He stopped and looked up. He had arrived at the second half of his daily appointment. He turned to the door and it slide open.

“Ahhh Mr. Morgan. Good to see you. Come on in. You’re right on time.” Said his Shrink

Travis did as he was told.

“I see in your SF record you were in Security.” And he paused to give Travis time to sit down. No sooner had his tushie hit the sofa did the doctor begin.
“Please if you will tell me about your job and your time in SF Security. “ requested the Shrink.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve seen my record. But I’ll do the best I can. At first I was just a drone like anyone else. You know guard duty patrolling and working on weapons and shields and stuff. Then one day. Things started going missing whilst we were docked at a star base. I can’t say the name. It was classified. So I requested permission to go looking for these items. First thing I did was make a list of everyone SF or not who had access to our ship. Then I decided to make that list smaller by removing our immediate crew. That just left the crew and engineers of the star base and the civilian work and cleaning crews. So I began a dossier on each member. 21 people. By the time I checked all financials and criminal backgrounds. I had three left over. The process of elimination had worked. I followed these three and found an Orion Syndicate fence who specialises in SF equipment. He led me to our gear which was being stored on a stolen SF runabout that we’d been looking for for years.” Said Travis

“What formula? What process did you use to put you on the right track?” Asked the doctor.

“No matter what the case may be. You need to know a few things. Who what when where why and how. Some of these factors may not show themselves immediately, but if you’re on the right track. Sooner or later it all comes together. Then you must have MOM to complete your findings.” Said Travis

“MOM, what’s that?” As he moved closer to the edge of his seat.

“That stands for, Motive Opportunity and Method. Once you got those three, you key on the person that has the most to gain that you are still looking at and you should be close to the truth and your culprit.” Replied Travis

“Well, that’s very scientific isn’t it?” Asked the doctor. “I had an inkling from all of our previous conversations that you might be good at investigations, so I took the liberty of speaking to a few friends on your behalf. But before we go there, I want to say that your case baffles me. But I believe that you are a trustworthy man and you will come through this alright. Take this padd and they would like to meet you.” And he handed him the padd and stood to shake his hand.

Travis stood as well. He looked at the padd and saw lots of good information on it. According to his pension plain from SF. He had a pretty penny in credits to his pleasure. He looked back at his shrink.

“I don’t know what to say doc.”

“You just said it all by not calling me a shrink this time.” And he laughed out loud. “Good luck Mr. Morgan. I hope you find what you’re looking for.” And he showed him out.

Morgan stepped outside into the sunlight and looked up and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath of the fresh air and he exhaled. “It all starts now.” He whispered to himself.


Travis Morgan
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