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Walking the line, between thе light.

Posted on Fri Aug 13th, 2021 @ 9:57pm by Mara Xul


Gemini hovered through a darkened room, lit only by a few candles. "In a time, long since past... In an age of darkness, when the galaxy was overrun with rebels... and humans were powerless under their rule... Humanity's hope... lived in a Guardian, named Mara..."

"Fiction Gemini, utter fiction." Mara replied who had been staring at the glow of a blank page on the data padd being held by her hands.

"What's wrong with an opener like that? It makes you look good, what's wrong with mixing fact with fiction, lots of persons have done this."

Mara thought a few moments to formulate a response to her companions argument as she tilted her head up and looked at the ball still restlessly hovering around the room. "No, I did not crush the rebellion and put an end to darkness to restore humanity's place within the galaxy. The truth? Immortal temptation had taken over my mind, Condemned. I had fallen weak on my knees and summoned the strength of mayhem. I had become the storm that was approaching, the provoking black clouds, the reclaimer of my feared name. Born in the flames of corruption, I have been blessed by the corruption. Forsakened I awoke like a phoenix that rose from its ashes as it had been reborn. Two souls once lost and now they remember, Thе truth now revealed. A descent into misery as I inherit the nightmare, my family crest is one of a demon of death." As she spoke the light from the candles had turned from their usual dark red color to an inverted deep blue color.

"Okay, Oookay. let's stop you right there before this poetry gets any darker and you inadvertently open a portal to the underworld." Gemini interrupted as she appeared in front of Mara. "However unlikely that may be." The orb added with emphasis and lit up the room with a blue hue as it spoke. "That wouldn't be possible, right? I mean it shouldn't. I know I shouldn't technically exist or you for that matter, but, no, no! You know what? I'm not even going to think about it. Point being, yes we did horrendous things, taking away lives, destruction. All in the name of something dark. Just realize that, that darkness only exists in memories, it does not exist here. We are free from those shackles to use our capabilities for something else other than destruction and the suppression of life."

Several moments of silence passed with only the soft crackling of dark energy from Mara's hand that had been inadvertently summoned and had begun exerting its influence over the surrounding area. She soon came to the realization that her companion's words had wisdom and truth to them. Mara raised and looked at the one hand that was releasing the energy, briefly graciously rotating her hand from front to back, gazing at the dancing energy waves before extinguishing it by closing her hand into a fist. The room's ambient color returned to normal and Mara returned her stare at the padd, now filled with transcribed words and holographic data taken from the room.





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