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Arriving home with a family

Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 10:23am by David Banninga & Fiona Banninga

Mission: Team Beta - Resurrecting a team
Location: On board the Scorpion
Timeline: MD00


With two mugs of coffee in his hands David went back to the cockpit. Only a few more hours before they would arrive back home. He smiled as he saw Fiona sit with Lotte in her arms. He put the mug nearby her. Even though they had been through a lot the last month, it still felt a bit odd being together again. Specially with Lotte as well. "Want me to take her from you for a minute?" They'd both gotten a crash course at parenting the last weeks, and still it felt odd suddenly being a dad.

If it felt odd for David it felt doubly so for Fiona. Unlike David, she had no biological link with Lotte, her only connection was David himself, and they had only been back together as a couple for a similar amount of time as they had been parenting. "She is getting a wee bit heavy," she replied to her husband handing the child over from her arms, and graciously receiving her coffee in her place.

"We should arrive in a little more then an hour." he said as Lotte was nestling her head against his shoulder. "Have you thought about whether you want to join me on the team?" They had discussed their options a number of times during their journey. He would love having her with him all the time, but he was also a realist. Their relationship was still so new. It would make it so much easier with Lotte. He couldn't think of a life without having his daughter with him all the time. But alone it would be really hard to combine with his job.

“Please David, give me time to think it over,” insisted Fiona as she shifted herself around to stare out at the stars. “It’s so alien to me out here among the stars, I’m not an explorer, or a mercenary. But equally, I don’t want to be away from you.” She was putting her thoughts out into the air for her husband to hear. But still held back the thought of ruining their relationship before it had begun by being in one another’s pockets.

He couldn't stop a smile appearing his face. "Sure, no hurry. We probably have about a month before the team leaves for the first mission."

The woman turned her gaze back toward her husband, realizing the smile on his face. "Oh, wipe that smirk off your face. You know full well I love you!"

He did indeed, although he definitely didn't mind hearing it. Not after being apart for several years.

“Did you dream of living among the stars as a child?” Fiona asked with a sigh, signally she had started her contemplation again.

"Yes and no." David said. "I was born on a starship and lived on one the first four years of my live. I didn't know any better and I loved it. I remember thinking I wanted to be a starship captain someday. Then everything changed, my parents got killed along with almost everyone I'd ever know and considered family. Kate and I went to live with our grandparents and it was a lot of years before I even set foot in space again. My grandparents had gotten scared of everything related to space after their only child, my mother died. They didn't want to have anything to do with that part of our life, they even changed our last names."

David's wife had heard this story before, but it didn't stop it hitting her hard as a tonne of bricks. Her heart was almost stopped in her chest for the pain she felt for her husband. She could say nothing but reached out her hand from where she sat, to give his arm an affectionate squeeze.

"But no," David continued. "as I grew up I didn't desire to live in space. Kate did, she tried to hide it, but I knew her well enough to know her heart always stayed in space. It didn't surprise me when she decided all of a sudden to leave Earth and join Starfleet. She was working of the company back then, and even though I got my legal degree I was mostly traveling the world. I came back so she could leave. Basically taking her place. Our grandfather wouldn't leave her go otherwise. When he died a few years later I took over everything and here we are."

Fiona stood to embrace David putting her mouth to his ear, “I know it hurts, but look on the bright side,” she whispered. “If it weren’t for these things happening, we would never have met.”

"So true," he said as he quickly kissed her back. "And how about you, looking forward to traveling in space most of the time?"

Fiona didn't answer the question directly. "It will be an adventure," she stated instead with uneasy tones.

Lotte choose that moment to let them know she was hungry. David got up. "I'll make a bottle for this little princess. We'll continue this topic later. Don't think I didn't notice your evasive answer." He bent and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before leaving the cockpit to get his daughter her bottle.


David Banninga
Teamleader Beta Team

Fiona Banninga
Soon-to-be communications Beta Team




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