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Stranger places Part - 1.

Posted on Fri Apr 3rd, 2020 @ 10:32pm by Mara Xul
Edited on on Fri Apr 3rd, 2020 @ 10:33pm

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Mirror Universe
Timeline: The Future


Earth 2019, behind the wheel of an old car sat a young woman who had been driving through the majority of the night on this long stretch on unlit freeway that headed out of the small town she lived in, the woman didn't know how long she had been in the car. four maybe six hours since she had taken one of the cars from home.

The young woman had simply waited and when she got the chance, packed whatever she could carry and withdrew all the money she had on her bank account and just ran.

Then as she drove on the right side of the freeway and looked in her rear view mirror the girl saw the stuff that she took with her from the house. And in the distance, red and blue flashing and could hear the accompanying siren faintly. Her hands tightened their grip on the steering wheel as she tightened up. Did her parents file a missing person's report or report the car stolen already? No they really didn't care in both cases. Was she speeding? not according to her speedometer which was holding steady at the maximum speed limit. However she did feel the sudden urge to push her foot further down on the gas pedal as the patrol car got closer to her. Instead she took a deep breath and assured herself that they weren't looking for her and slightly let go of the gas while she moved over to the utmost right side of the lane she was driving in without going onto the emergency lane in order to give the patrol car more space to pass by or if she was going to be pulled over would be ready for it. However if they were coming for her she had no intention of going back there, never.

The flashing lights got closer, the looked forward then in the rearview mirror again. Through the flashes of light a figure sitting on the backseat, it spooked her to look more closely. There was no one there, feeling her heartbeat race, the lights were almost behind her and then… A flash!


Present day.

Mara as she was known to many, awoke to the proximity alert one of the consoles that had started to notify her. Still dazed, half asleep and thinking about the vivid dream she had just experienced, and it took Mara a moment before she lowered her feet that had been propped up on the console.

Leaning forward to look at the sensor readings Mara found it odd that the ship had alerted her. There was nothing out here, nothing but dust and echoes. Then out of nowhere a headless body hit the glass of the forward viewport, the impact wasn't hard enough for the glass to shatter nor was it loud enough to startle the woman. Mara just casually looked up from her console and followed the body with her blue luminescent eyes, taking in some of the details, the uniform in particular as it slowly disappeared from her view. Meanwhile the screen below had started to display the biometric information that the ship's sensors had picked up moments before. Mara deliberately chose to ignore that particular screen and turned to another which had started to request her attention as the long range sensors had picked up a familiar object. But from the moment that Mara had laid her eyes on the imperial uniform of the body which to Mara was a dead giveaway of whom she and her crew had been dealing with.

The resistance, at least that is what they called themselves. But the resistance fighters were nothing but slaves refusing to obey their master and who were fighting for a lost cause at the very least, however this group were just a bunch of lawless pirates who prayed on any ship that looked profitable and those men had chosen the wrong ship and crew to rob. The woman moved out of the pilot seat and walked toward the back of the compartment and knocked on the cold steel door with the bottom of her fist and loud enough for the person to hear on the other side. “Wake up. I’ve found them.” She simply called out. Mara didn’t wait for a response and turned around to go back to the seat she had just left.

It wasn’t before long that the shuttle, carrying the two persons dropped out of F.T.L. about a kilometer away from their ship and as they came closer to the 300 meter elongated shaped body that had small wings on either side at the rear, two engines on each wing and on top another set of fins. It's features made the ship that Mara had relabeled Windrose appear more like an airplane from her past life then an actual starship. The woman was surprised by what her eyes saw as she looked through the view port and had to check the shuttle's sensors to make sure that her eyes weren't deceiving her. The ship's engines, compartment lights and running lights, thermals biosignatures. All were non-existent if it hadn’t been for the faint magnetic hull signature, the sensors may even have failed to pick it up at all.

Briefly going over the little data that had been collected by the sensors Mara collected her equipment and briefly wondered why her companion hadn’t answered at all, figuring it wasn’t a primary concern to dwell on the matter, she initiated a transport for herself over to the abandoned vessel’s main cargo bay to start her search for answers.

Reappearing on the deck of the dark cargo bay, a small armored & metallic white and teal colored ball with a luminescent center appeared right above Mara’s shoulder to provide some light in the darkness that surrounded Mara. “Ugh. It’s freezing. Did they leave the freezer open?” Gemini, Mara’s ghost asked.

“Environmental systems must be offline, power too… The air seems.., fine.”

“Get me to a terminal and we’ll find out more.”

With a cautious pace the woman started to walk around the different sized containers that had been scattered across the deck. Must have been the work of those mercenaries. Mara thought as she scanned the path she was walking with her eyes and a drawn rifle, coming to the main door, it was obvious that the door wasn’t going to open and let her through and trying to open the door by hand or without some form of emergency power might be a futile attempt as well. but Mara quickly looked for a different path, open duct work she could climb through? A glance at one of the vents provided no means of going forward and looking at all of them would be a waste of time. She instead shouldered her rifle and opted to apply some elbow grease and set the tips of her fingers in a thin slit where the doors meet and applied some force.

The doors started to moan and croak as they slowly moved apart. “That’s it you’re doing it!” Gemini responded at the impressive feat, when the gap between the two doors was big enough for her to slide through Mara didn’t hesitate and quickly shot through the gap before the doors could catch and possibly even crush her. “Wow, remind me never to arm wrestle with you.” The ghost added as it hovered several feet into the next chamber and scanned it for a nearby terminal, “Over that way, up those dimly lit stairs and into the hallway is a terminal I can access.”

A moment later after traversing the small staircase up to the next deck. At the end of the staircase Mara looked at the wall in front of her, there were two signs, to the left was Engineering, to her right was the Elevator & Storage. She felt a bit of relief as she looked to her right where the door was open halfway and she could squeeze through, without a second though Mara had already begun to move into the hallway and reached the terminal, while near the terminal she reached out towards it with an open palm and directed Gemini to make her scans.

“Oh, well this is..interesting..,” Gemini said as she disappeared and reappeared a minute later “really interesting.” The floating device added before returning to Mara and disappeared once more.

“Are you going to tell me what you found?”

Mara’s com in her armor chirped a moment later. “Absolutely nothing, there's nothing on that terminal, it should have some form of information, sensors, environmental data, lighting, logs. But there's nothing there, clean I can’t even detect if the terminal has been erased, very strange, let’s look on.”

Mara shook her head for a brief moment before moving on. “Where do you suggest we search next, the flightdeck?”

“No, how are your arms, think you can open one more door so we can get into the engine room? It might make our search a little easier with the power on and get a little fresh air going.” Gemini replied over Mara’s internal comm.

Without replying to her ghost, she changed her direction and retraced her steps back to the staircase but instead of going down again. Mara shouldered her rifle again as she faced the door on the opposite side of the walkway and briefly glanced at it before reaching into the slit of the door and forced it open. And unlike the previous door where she had to use nearly all of her strength to open it. The door, to much of Mara’s surprise opened almost effortlessly.

Another dark void in front of her came into view and at the same time Gemini appeared and did her flashlight routine to help Mara see into the dark. “Main engineering… or rather what’s left of it?” Gemini replied changing mid sentence in utter surprise as a response to what she had visually detected. The bulk of the compartment had been replaced by a gigantic wiry mess as if somebody had taken a hatchet to every wall panel in the room to expose the internal wiring and then tried to repair or attempted to create a new kind of machine.

“Mercs?” Mara asked softly following her companion through the different parts of the ravaged compartment.

“Maybe, could have been their intention to strip or search for valuables, but why attempt to fix things… then again, it could have also been a member of the crew who went a little berserk after the ship got boarded.. Maaaybe? Whoever did this. Did apparently see the error of their way and attempted to undo his or her mistake.” Gemini hypothesized as she continued her scans of the various components that had been juririgged into the secondary power reactor. It took Gemini a few short moments to finish her scans and repair what damage she could before it reappeared in front of the main engineering console.

Gazing down at the damaged display of the console that seemed to glare back at them. Albeit with one eye sort of speak as only one half was lit up and the other half of the display had been smashed by..something. “You sure this is going to work?”

“Did I, in our history ever let you down..? Don’t answer that, just… “Gemini sighed and shook the lower part of her shell around once. “Just push the button on the screen.”

“Alright.” Mara hesitantly spoke and pushed the button on the broken console. A soft beep followed and a moment of silence ensued, then the deckplating started to rumble as the reactor of the ship roared back to life, however as the lights that weren’t destroyed lit up the deck plating under Mara’s feet continued to vibrate harder and harder as the reactor was building up energy like a capacitor Noticing that the light also started to become brighter Mara looked at her ghost to seek an answer but before her ghost could respond the room was too bright and things faded.

To be continued...


Mara Xul
Imperial Starfleet


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