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Preparing for the unkown

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2020 @ 8:36pm by David Banninga & Helen

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Level -2: Medical Bay
Timeline: MD02


With Lotte on his arm David headed for the Project's medical bay. One of the thing he'd need before taking his five month old daughter around the world in a shuttle would be to make sure her body was prepared for every possible virus. In other words, he wanted to make sure his little girl got her shots.

Helen walked light footed around the Medical Bay as she was having a jolly of a time; a day with no physical training; she could just adjust the supplies and tools per regulation, her being able to let her skin breathe in the Mini Dress that had the pleated skirt to the knees under the open white lab coat. She listen to the Gentle flow of those around her; ambient imaginations that were her normal when one caught her attention; it was like being at a party with all the background conversations and her just waiting for someone to direct conversation in her direction. She turned to the door as she felt someone entering at the time the doors opened.

[Welcome to Sick Bay , how may I ...] Her typling on the holo key pad hesitated. [What a Lovely little one.] Helen's face brightened and more sparkle in her eye as she saw the child in her Father's Arms. [She looks quite adorable if I can say?] never taking her eyes from the two as she type. [I am Helen, your Medical person of the hour.] Helen winked.

"Hello, I'm David and this is Lotte. We need to get her ready for space travel." David said, while making a mental note to look up the woman's file. There must be a reason for her speaking like this. "She's already been to space and was checked over before we left, but I'd like her to be fully prepared for everything that we could come across. As this little one will be joining me and my team on our travels."

[No Vocal cords.] She typed on her system. [People always ask why, that is why.] She winked as the thoughts in her direction were like so many curiosity type impressions, her not speaking vocally often sparks similar impressions in the past. [I can hear or anything else, just a Mute as a racial trait.] She winked. [I could give her the inoculations as you request which are forms of hepatitis A virus; hepatitis B virus; diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis; Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib); human papillomavirus; Andorian influenza; MMR; Neisseria meningitidis; polio; rotavirus; Streptococcus pneumoniae; and varicella.] She smiled I know the list is long and should be done in three stages for most children.] She typed for the voice. [For this little one I would like to do 4 so not to shock her little system?]

"How long will it take to get the full program done? Because we're leaving for space in about a month."

[If I give her the first injection and wait three days for any reaction we can comfortable have it done in 12-14 days and not make her too much more fussy unless she gets a reaction and then we deal with it and continue.] Helen's voice informed as she ran her fingers along the baby's face. [She feels quite healthy and strong for a little one.] Helen winked to David. "Little Lotte should be through this with minimal discomfort.] Helen smiled again with the impressions of contentment she could sense from the touch. "I will send a vitamin and mild allergenic that will taste good with you should she get overly fussy.] She nod. [Just give me a moment to mix the first dose.]

"What kind of reaction can I expect? Is there anything I need to pay extra attention to?" David asked. "I don't suppose you know our history, but I've only been a father for about a month. Her mother had abandoned her at the station my sister works at. The medical team there gave her a full check up and everything she needs for the journey to Earth. I am a quick learner,luckily, but this whole parenting thing is completely new to me."

[It is new to both of you.] Helen look David in the eyes and gave a bright smile that made her eyes sparkle; if only she could have a soft giggle, and winked. [Parenting is a process of knowing your child and helping them grow into people.] She nod a little without breaking eye contact. [Inflammation of the skin is the obvious ones but just watch to see if she is more fussy than usual; or obviously any serious vomiting...] She raised an eyebrow. [Spitting up is normal think double that and you might bring her to see me.] Again she nod to hopefully comfort him. [I will read up on the records but...] She touched the baby. [She is fine and healthy I can sense it.] She told him again. [You are doing fine, by the time you have parenting down to where it is comfortable she will be off to college.] Winking. [Come over to the table and I will mix the vaccination and you can ask anything. And I am always around on Base if you need, I do not travel well.] She lead the two and quickly mixed the Hypo. [She will cry a bit as there is no way not to startle her.] Helen took great care to make the small injection as painless as possible.

Touching the baby Helen took the residual pain of the shot onto herself, making a face of empathy for having to do it for David to observe. Little ones could not relay the fact Helen healed her from the pain and only the split second of initial shot woke the baby but no pain lingered.

David took his daughter in his arms when the shot was finished to console her, but there wasn't much consoling to be done, as the crying stopped rather quickly. "She's a tough one, not crying much." he said.

Helen smiled fondly as she fought the urge to rub the place on her that took the pain from the baby, her natural healing had it gone the next second.

[SHe is a tough and beautiful child.] Helen complemented. [Just pay attention to anything out of her normal behavior.] The synthetic voice added. [I am always around should you need.] Her smile brightened. [Like with any Medical calling I am here for the patents.]

"Thank you Doctor," David said.


Medical Officer

David Banninga
Beta Team Leader


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