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Meeting the Team

Posted on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 @ 7:43pm by Fiona Banninga & David Banninga & Taranlia "Lia" Lesan & Kyle Stanton

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Level -2: Briefing Room B
Timeline: MD05

"So," David started the meeting he'd called. He was used to having meetings, but still he was a bit nervous. He looked around the room and saw the other three members of the new Beta team. "I know it looks way too formal to have a meeting like this, but since we're a team now it made sense to have a meeting to discuss issues about shuttle and the upcoming departure of our first mission.”

Lia settled back in her seat, listening to the new team leader. There wasn’t much to the team really. Just her and a Human woman she hadn’t met. She lightly scanned them telepathically for anything interesting.

“What is the first mission?” Lia began, crossing her legs in her tight leather pants. She wore a red tank top and black leather jacket over it, with high boots to complete the ensemble.

The most interesting thing that could be read on Fiona was how utterly uninteresting she was. She was a farmer. It is all she ever knew. The only reason she found herself here now was owing to her marriage. She said nothing. She had nothing to say. She knew why they were here, from pillow talk with David.

Lia raised an eyebrow, studying Fiona. “Hello. I’m Taranlia, though friends call me Lia. I’m running security on the team. What’s your speciality?”

It took a moment for Fiona to realise that she was being spoken to. "Oh, erm, Communications," she replied, showing her discomfort.

“Don’t worry. I won’t bite...Fiona,” Lia said, catching the woman’s name out of her thoughts, since she hadn’t introduced herself. “Oh! That was a bit racy.” She smiled a bit as Fiona’s pillow talk came to her surface thoughts. She glanced between David and Fiona. So they were married? And working on the same team?

“Excuse me?” replied the woman whose mind was being read. “But how is communications racy?” She was either unaware of the telepathic ability of her new ship mate, or had forgotten.

“Sorry,” Lia apologized. “I just caught a whiff of your thoughts there,” she told Fiona. “I try not to make a habit of it, but, well, some thoughts are stronger than others.” She gave the woman a smile.

Fiona said nothing in reply, but felt rather like she welcomed the ground to swallow her up whole. Were her thoughts of the night before really that strong?

Lia offered Fiona a reassuring smile. Nothing would pass her lips.

David was about to give a summary of their plans for the coming weeks when the door opened again.

Kyle walked in, confident but wary. He'd been out scouting for a frame for his own craft, and had just gotten back to base. He looked around at the unfamiliar faces, and nodded to each, David last.

"Mister Stanton, I presume?" David asked the newcomer.

"Aye, sir. That'd be me." Stanton shot him a jovial smile. "Engineer slash pilot, and aspiring miscreant at yer service, sir." Stanton took the indicated seat and waited for the rest of the briefing.

"Great that you're joining us!" David said. "Okay, as for Beta Team's plan, we will be leaving Earth for our first mission in about a month. More info about the mission itself will be given nearing our departure time," he said. "In the meantime, we'll be preparing ourselves and our shuttle to fit with our needs."

“Do we need to start any special training?” Lia asked. “A month is a long lead time, a good time to get everyone up to snuff.” This wasn’t Starfleet, so there was no base minimum competency she could rely upon due to periodic competency reviews and refresher training.

David couldn't help but glance over at his wife before returning to the group. "The problem is that we never really know what kind of situation we're getting ourselves into. Therefore it's hard to prepare. But yes, of course I'd like everyone to prepare as best as possible," he said. "But we're also a team. Each member has its strengths and weaknesses. That's something we can build on. Not everyone can excel at everything." Directing Lia, he said. "What would you recommend from a tactical point of view? And then I mostly mean personal. The ship will be armed well enough, although if you have any recommendation I'd love to hear them."

“I’d like to know that everyone is capable of the basics of self defense,” Lia said. “I don’t expect everyone to storm the fortress with me, or whatever. But if someone boards the ship, I need to know who can take care of themselves, and who I need to look out for. Permission to run a few competency tests, and then some basic training?”

"Permission granted," David said. That sounded exactly like he was looking for, although he knew right away that Fiona wasn't going to like either one of those two things.

“Thank you, sir,” Lia said, jotting down some notes. “I’ll schedule everyone for a time. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.” She looked at the rest of the team around the table.

Fiona glanced between her husband and Lia in quiet disbelief. Any time scheduled for her wasn’t going to suit. She felt as if she didn’t belong here in the first place; that feeling had tripled now.

"Anyone got anything else to add before we adjourn this meeting?" David asked.

Fiona shook her head. Everything she had to say was to be shared in private with her husband later. Until then her silence was enough.

“I’m good, until we have a mission,” Taranlia said, closing her padd. “I’ll be in touch about getting an evaluation done.”

"Great, then meeting adjourned," David said, and stood up.


David Banninga
Team Beta

Taranlia Lesen
Close Combat Specialist
Team Beta

Fiona Banninga
Team Beta

Kyle Stanton
Team Beta


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