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Stranger places Part - 2.

Posted on Wed Jul 15th, 2020 @ 7:24am by Mara Xul & Norul

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Central park


~Chirping birds, conversations and footsteps?~ These sounds, they weren’t present a moment ago were they? Mara thought to herself as she regained consciousness and opened her eyes, she had to keep a hand before her eyes to shield them from the brightness of her surroundings, it seemed that in fact everything looked bright. Mara’s eyes had trouble adjusting and therefore had to squint as if she had bad eyesight. Looking around Mara found herself sitting on a bench in the middle of a park. The blue skinned, deep purple haired woman with luminous blue eyes, was wearing her black muscle suit, her weapon and armor had somehow disappeared and Gemini. Where was Gemini? Mara frantically looked next to her, on her left, nothing. To her right. There! On the floor in the grass lay the familiar shape of her companion. But she felt like something was off, reaching down and picking up the shell it became clear. She wasn’t active, the part that normally glowed, yer eye was deactivated and her exterior shell pieces had retracted to become one with the interior ball. As if what ever happened to them caused Gemini to go offline or worse fade out of existence.

Mara had to take a moment to take in everything and think of her next move, suddenly while holding her companion in the palm of her hand she came to the sudden realization that she wasn’t alone and that there were several people wearing strange uniforms who were walking past and shared her questioning expression. Two big questions came to her mind; Where was she and how she came to be here?

Those people on closer inspection all shared a common feature. Their pointed ears. One such person, Norul, stopped at what he considered a safe distance away for the strange being that had just materialised before him. He crouched down to eye level with them and stared quizzically into their glowing eyes.

Her first instinct was to close and move her hand that held the shell of her companion closer to her own chest and stared at it for a moment hoping it would come back to life. Her second instinct was the urge to inflict harm to the man in front of her and his kind around them. Mara felt conflicted and needed answers but the one who could possibly provide them was not available.

Norul edged a little closer, still with a great deal of caution. "Hello?" he said inquisitively

'He.., said something to me. A greeting maybe?' Mara thought and looked at the man and opened her mouth to return the greeting and simply repeated the words back at him.

"Forgive us," he said, waving his hand vaguely at the surrounding people. "But we don't see many people like you among us. In fact I think you might be the first of your kind any of us has ever seen."

"I - am? Who are you, exactly?" She asked the man as she started to remember more words and their meanings. Looking around her, she couldn't remember. Not even the last moments before she woke up on that bench in the park. "No, that's not important now, I need to help my..., this is important." Mara said changing her mind and carefully showed a glimpse of her companion who she was still holding close to her chest.

Norul took a sudden step back, holding his hands in front of him. "WOAH! Steady! No need to do anything rash." He looked intently at the metal object, mistaking it for a grenade, and willing it not to unleash its fury.

“But!” Mara exclaimed and stepped forward from the bench following his step, she didn’t understand why the man suddenly took a step back from her as if he was scared of her. Mara looked at Norul and showed him the inactive shell that she had been cradling close against her chest.

“OK, OK, maybe we should just talk,” the Romulan man said, holding his hands up in front of him in fear. “Is that thing active?”

She looked closer at her companion's inactive shell observing it from all possible angles for any clues to see if there was any sign of activity but Mara could not find any that could be seen without the use of a tricorder. She even shook the metal object out of desperation to see if it would come to life, as she knew it could talk or atleast something. But even after giving the object a firm shake, it would not give the woman the outcome she hoped for. "No, it doesn't seem to do anything." Mara replied with a defeated sigh and hung her head.

Norul began to sum up the situation methodically in his own mind. He observed the woman. The strange glow in her eyes. The uniform she wore. Or at least he assumed it was a uniform, judging only by the strange crest that he didn't recognise. Norul knew that the unknown could bring danger. But as a diplomat, he also knew it could bring the opposite. Perhaps the device was not a grenade after all. Only one thing he could do now. "What is it?" he asked with cautious bluntness.

"Its important, its a friend. That's all I know about it. " The woman replied staring hopelessly at the metal ball in her hand, wishing it would move or atleast do something. Mara suddenly gasped as she felt it moving, or was it just her imagination playing tricks on her? Upon closer inspection it proved to be the disappointing latter of the two. "We must fix my friend, this isn't normal!" Mara nearly cried out in panic.

“Friend?” Replied the Romulan in a surprised disbelief. “We can take a look at your ‘friend’ in a moment but I think right now you are more important, there’s an infirmary not too far from here,” he said holding his hand out in the direction of the infirmary.

Mara looked into the direction where Norul had pointed and pondered why he wanted her to go there. "Why, why am i suddenly important and why do you want me to go there, Is this infirmary where you live?" She asked with slight confusion.

“No,” Norul replied bluntly, starting to look around him for help. Around him stood a crowd of other Romulan’s interested in what was going on, but Norul suddenly found himself aware that he was considered odd amount his species. By nature the Romulan people were suspicious, untrusting, and secretive.

Further back stood a group of Cardassians, whom Norul had been in talks with just minutes before, on matters surrounding trade. They might be more accepting of the outsider, but the likelihood was that they would find some way of exploiting them.

Then there was the woman that lay confused, anxious and worried, dressed in a strange uniform baring and unrecognisable crest. A uniform. That in itself aroused suspicion. A spy perhaps?

More questions were needed. “Can you tell me how it is you came to be here?” He asked assuming he already knew the answer.

The blue toned woman tried her best to remember the method of how she came to be in this unfamiliar world with its overall grey and seemingly dreadful appearance and sudden overwhelming anxiety.

She remembered nothing, just fragments of the metallic object in her hands and its importance to her. And so Mara hung her head and gave is a mere shake as if she was a child who had been judged by an angry parent.

All the solutions Norul had come up with so far, and even spoke, would leave his new acquaintance in more trouble than she already found herself in. Until he knew she was a danger, he wasn’t prepared to put her into harm, no matter the legal consequence. “Please, just come with me,” he said arriving as a solution after some hesitation. “I promise I will keep you safe.”


Mara Xul
Team alpha
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