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What once burnt bright

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 9:40am by Norul & T'Lisa Anderson

Mission: Team Alpha - Supernova
Location: Project operations center - Home Base- Earth
Timeline: MD02 - 1100

Norul found himself completely unable to settle in. He had been given charge of a complete mess for a project, and everything was having to be built from the ground up. To this end he was glad of the chance to meet with what he hoped to be a promising team leader, and so now he found himself anxiously awaiting their arrival, his eyes fixated on the entrance tunnel that would bring them here.

Former Captain, T'Lisa Anderson made her way through Security and into the Project Destiny Operations Center. She wore simple, practical clothes. Her foot steps were calculated to present a professional attitude. After over 4 decades in Starfleet, she had learnt to portray an air of confidence in everything she did.

Spotting Norul at the end of the corridor, she approached the Romulan.

"Good morning, sir. I'm Ms. T'Lisa Anderson, we communicated about a possible opening in your Company." She said to him.

“Oh, there is no need for sir’s here,” the Romulan replied. “Just call me Norul, or director if you absolutely must. I have been looking over your Resume and I must say I am impressed. Please come, sit.” He directed the woman toward a couple of empty chairs on the other side of the room, where he could still keep an eye on things, but it was quiet enough not to be overheard.

T'Lisa took the offered chair. "Thank you, Director. I must say, it is an interesting place you have here." She said.

“It is...” Norul paused for a moment obviously searching for a word, “strange, isn’t it? If I’m to be truthful, I only arrived here myself yesterday.” He took his own seat and narrowed his brow. “You are ex-Star Fleet, right?” He asked seriously.

"Yes, I served for over four decades." T'Lisa said. "And you, Director were a writer and in intelligence." She added. "I am not being prejudice, Norul, my husband is a literature professor and writer, and my daughter is an intel officer, or was until her current assignment, I recognise recognise those things in you."

“I was a private eye, of sorts,” replied Norul, obviously taken a back by the knowledge the woman held on him. “My writing is no secret, I wonder if you have read any of my work?”

"Interesting. As for your writing, I'm not sure, do you write mystery fiction? I enjoy a good mystery." T'Lisa said.

“Mysteries were my speciality. Perhaps you have heard of ‘The traitor of the senate’? That was one of mine,” The Romulan answered, not knowing whether to be irritated by the conversation going off track, or thrilled that he was able to talk about his writing. He decided to turn the conversation back, “why is it you left Star Fleet?” The question was blunt and to the point.

"I believe I've read it." T'Lisa. "I enjoyed the political intrigue, you have a real feel for the material."

The former Starfleet captain appreciated Norul's bluntness, most people would labour the point as not to offend her. "Starfleet Command and I disagreed on how best to use our resources. I wanted Starfleet and the Federation to maintain its place in Galactic affairs, they want to withdraw and lick their wounds. I became a pain in their collective posteriors. As punishment, they took away my Command, removed me from active service and offered me a position as a department head at the Academy. I wasn't ready to roll over and play dead, so I resigned from Starfleet entirely. They didn't try to stop me, I believe they were relieved to have me out of their hair." She explained.

The director moved forward in his chair, with narrowed eyes, resting his elbows on his knees. “What’s to say you will agree with how we use our resources?” He asked, menacingly.

"I don't. We'll have to try and see what happens, Director." T'Lisa said.

This wasn’t exactly the most reassuring of answers, but Norul appreciates the honesty. “You understand that you will take charge of team alpha,” he asked after a moments pause. “Your experience seems to fit the bill.”

"Yes, I understand, Director." T'Lisa said. "An I assure you my training and experience will be most useful in that endeavour."

“Excellent,” came the reply. “Because I already have an assignment in mind for you. The Herrendez star went supernova a few weeks ago, causing those on Herrendez 3 to evacuate. Star Fleet believes it to be a natural phenomenon, but our client is not so sure. Needless to say we are sending a team to investigate.”

"Interesting, like I said before, I enjoy a mystery." T'Lisa said, letting a brief smile appear at the corners of her mouth. "I'm going to need all data available on the Herrendez system and its star." She added. "When do we leave?" The former captain asked.

“I want you to leave within the next two days, all the information will be sent to you,” the director told the new team leader. “In the meantime you should get acquainted with your space craft, as well as your team.”

"Will do, Director. I'm happy to be here." T'Lisa said. "Which way is my office?" She asked.

“I’m afraid to say that we don’t expect you to spend enough time here at base to warrant an office, but feel free to set aside a space within your runabout,” Norul replied apologetically.

"Okay, I can make that work." T'Lisa said. "Speaking my runabout does she have a name? She asked.

“She’s called Maeander,” answered the Romulan. “But you can name her what ever the hell you like. Call her ‘Queen Anderson’, for all I care. She’s just a piece of metal.”

"I think the name Maeander, will do just fine." T'Lisa said. "Now, if there is nothing further, Director, I believe its time I get acquainted with my new command."

“Of course,” replied the Director. “If you need anything to get settled, please let me know.” With that he rose from his seat.

"Will do, Director." T'Lisa said rising from her own seat and heading for the shuttle bay.

Director Norul
Home base
Project Destiny

T'Lisa Anderson
Teamleader Team Alpha
Project Destiny


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