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Weak refuge

Posted on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 @ 7:59pm by Liari Kollaur & Travis Morgan

Mission: Team Alpha - Supernova
Location: Refugee camp
Timeline: MD03
Tags: refugee, supernova, sarah, Liari, Travis

The light was beginning to fade over camp, and if it looked like a place of horrors in the daylight, it was tenfold in the partial darkness. The single dirt 'road' lit only by camp fires, was flanked by make shift shelters that seemed as if one gust of wind would send them toppling. This was the best the Federation had for the survivors of Herrendez 3. A small moon, and a hand full of resources. But if answers were to be found, surely it would be here.

Travis had the hair on the back of his neck up from the time they left the shuttle. "Mental note to self. If we come back here, park closer to our destination." He said out loud in a whisper. Somewhere deep down inside him his training kicked in. He became calm and collected. It was time to take care of business. This Trill seemed to know her stuff, so he followed comfortably. "Hold up." As he placed one hand on her shoulder. "Is there any particular way you want to do this?" He asked wanting to be easy to work with.

"I'm just here as your guide," Liari replied. "But I would tread careful, these people have lost a lot. They are angry, and if you are not careful that might get directed at you."

Travis thought for a moment about what the trill had said.
“So it’s best that I take the diplomatic approach and find out how I can best help them obtain their goal. “ said Travis.

The trill rolled her eyes, plodding gently forward through the refugee camp. “That’s the general gist of it, I would start there if I were you,” she said pointing into one of the shelters. This one look particularly badly built. Thin poles held up nothing but a single sheet of some form of flexible plastic.

“Well do we have a point of contact here. My guide?” Asked Travis in his sometimes condescending way!

"Yes, that woman whose accommodation that monstrosity is," came the huffy reply. "Sarah Harrison, the only remaining member of the Herrendez Council." Liari eyed the shelter with some degree of sadness. "Poor thing, take away the comfort of privilege and she has no idea how to survive."

Travis took it all in. Then he headed for the lean too type structure and lightly and compassionately called out the woman’s name. “Sarah. Sarah can you hear us?” He called out in a somewhat friendly fashion. He was trying to wait for someone to come forward.

A grumble came from within a sleeping bag, tucked away inside the shelter. "Yes?" said the exhausted voice. The bag moving as its inhabitant made an attempt for their freedom from within.

Travis realised that they had made contact. He wanted this to go smoothly. Transient people were temperamental at best. “Sarah, can you come out so we can talk?” He asked politely.

“What do you want,” the voice from the wriggling bag replied, now with a lot more authority.

“To help Sarah, we are here to see if we can improve your situation. To do that we need to talk!” Said Travis.

The bag wriggled some more, and a bedraggled mess of long dark hair appeared at its opening, followed by the face of an attractive woman in her 30’s. “Improve it how?” She asked in disbelief.

“By finding the truth to the circumstances which allowed you to be here, where you are right now. My name is Travis Morgan. I’m an Investigator. I want to ask you what happened. And by hearing your account of your ordeal. Maybe we can pinpoint the reason for all of this.” Said Travis.

The woman sat up in her sleeping bag, revealing a crumpled shirt, that only suited the homes of hair in as much as it was severely creased. “Even if you get to the bottom of it, it won’t restore my home will it? Or the homes of all these people? My people,” she said angrily.

“Perhaps not,” replied Liari softly, “but it may get your people some form of closure.”

Sarah said nothing in way of reply but huffed, and gave Travis a nod.

Travis took this as a sign to get started. “I’m sure you have told your story before. But if you will bare with me. I’m sure the people who sent me will have some way of getting to the bottom of this. So please, in your own time. Tell me what happened.” Replied Travis.

“The sun exploded, suddenly and without warning,” the ex politician explained without an ounce of emotion in her voice. “We had less than a day to evacuate, and Star Fleet dropped us here.” With the last sentence emotion came back to the voice, the situation she found herself in now had obviously taken its toll on her. “Most of our people are dead, we were a colony of millions, and now it’s just what you see here. A few hundred reduced to living in filth!”

Travis needed to build a rapport with this woman. What she needed now was a bit of humanity to help her deal with the betrayal and the humility she was feeling. Travis had an idea. “This just turned into a humanitarian mission. “ he said to his protege. “I need to contact Destiny, we need to get these people out of here to a safer and more cleaner environment. How could Star Fleet let this happen?” Exclaimed Travis.

With that he turned back to Sarah. “It’s clear that there’s a lot on your mind. I’d like to get you something to eat before we talk more. Will you trust me?” He asked.

Sarah watched as Liari stepped outside to arrange what help she could. “We are here because we asked to be,” she said shrilly. “Because we thought we could make it on our own. Remain a colony. But truth be told none of our generation has ever had anything other than a life of luxury. We are out of our depth, and as much as I would love to leave with you, my people need to decide what they want for themselves.”

“It’s not my wish to separate you. On the contrary, I’m going to try and find a place where you can all be together and then find someplace where you can all be reunited into society or a place of your own but not like this.” And he paused. “You talk to your people. In the meantime, we will see what we can do.” Said Travis as sincerely as he could be.

“I’ll put out the word,” the politician replied. “And what organisation should I say is to move us?”

Travis could not tell her that it was Project Destiny that he worked for as he did not have clearance to do so. “Your benefactor is a philanthropist who would at the moment rather not be known. But I assure you. If you let us help you, your Destiny is secure and you’ll be much better off than you are now.” Said Travis hoping that just the promise of a better situation was enough to calm her!

Liari interrupted at this point knowing full well more could be told, “Our employer has connections with Destiny inc. If they help equalise life on Earth so that no one is left behind, I am sure they can help you.”

“Destiny inc. the farming company?” Sarah enquired, “that’s some big money. You are sure they will help us?”

“That’s why we’re here. But we need to know everything right down to today.” Said Travis “So we will make some arrangements and in the meantime you and I will get something to eat and continue our conversation, ok?” He asked here to keep her talking.

Sarah nodded, in resignation. She was hungry, and even if she did enjoy the ration packs, which she most certainly did not, they would only last her another couple of weeks at most. Anything extra, or substantial would be a massive bonus. "Is there food enough for everyone?" she asked quietly enough not to be overheard.

“That is my goal. Transportation and meals onboard for everyone. But until then, you accompany us back to our shuttle. We have a small replicator there. We can continue our conversation and have a bite whilst we await an answer for Destiny. And get you guys out of her to somewhere more palatable.” Said Travis hoping Destiny would not let them down.

"Lead the way," came the reply, still hushed so not to provoke jealousy.


Travis Morgan
Chief Investigator
Project Destiny

Liari Kollaur (PNPC Norul)
Mission Advisor
Project Destiny


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