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Taking out Baby

Posted on Sat Apr 11th, 2020 @ 2:48am by Tycara

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Base / Space Lane.
Timeline: MD 03 Afternoon


Tycara ran her hand along all the flight edges and smooth hull as she circled the new vessel; the sleek lines and she could almost sense the New Ship Smell through her helmet. This is the top of the Line the Federation Design and Manufacture Sections were pumping out. It was good enough for her; that is for sure and she is so ready to see what this Baby can do?

Going to the hatch she entered the Vessel and started the sequence for initial diagnostic and Pre-Flight Check List. The powering up sequence for this ship was longer than for her ‘Tiger’ and she wondered if so many ‘safety sequences’ were actually needed? She could almost be lifting off in Tiger but then this is what a decade or two might do in technology and as Tycara had pieced her shuttle together as needed or when parts were within her grasp made her little shuttle powerful for her class and fastest thing in Shuttle-Land but a Runabout is a Micro Star Ship and thus a different Class vessel.

“Runabout Maeander request flight clearances; this is Pilot Tycara of Alpha Team.” She was starting the Power-Up Sequence. “I would like to take her out for some flight time prior to our departure, get a little feel for the craft?”

=^= Runabout Maeander; Flight Control is checking clear airspace for your departure.=^= The voice came over her comm unit. =^= You are clear to exit facility in five zero seconds. =^=

“Copy that Flight Control, will comply.” She heard the turbines spinning to speed.

When the time for departure came Tycara flew the Runabout through the Launch window and into orbit with practiced ease. The acceleration were top notch; her flight controls got the adjustment she required as she took herself into the outer skies of the Solar Winds. Deflector screens functional as she used half impulse to remain in the Space Lanes and mingle with the traffic; it was a small way to have less of a sensory profile during her departure from The Solar System.

Tycara made for Open Space where she could really see what this ship can do. It would only be a short sprint as there are methods to properly ‘Break-In’ a new engine and Tycara was keeping to those parameters during her flight. She would do ‘Slow Motion’ style arcing turns and low thrust rolls and spins just to get a feel for the impulse drag from her touching a control to the Runabout answering the call. She had to know what the control is?

Then she could up the maneuvering game; just to a cruising speed; go through the Sensory and Navigation systems and find the acuity of them, make a few course corrections and then she could go back and put the ‘Baby’ to bed. Thus far the Runabout lived up to the hype on her Specification; she even wound her up to Emergency speed for thirty seconds to get the Acceleration Curve for this individual ship? Everything a pilot expected to fly her on a miss within a few days would need to do and know.

“You and I are going to fly well together ‘Mtoto wa kike." [Baby Girl] Tycara ended.


Alpha Team Pilot.


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