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The lost art of Communication

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 6:57pm by Norul & Tycara

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Directors office


Tycara had taken the Runabout out on a maiden flight; went over her with a fin tooth comb in the Company of Maintenance Chief for Alpha Team's Ship and found out nothing came loose and the ship had an official Authorization to go on Flight Operations and the kind salute from the Maintenance crew. Nothing would keep Tycara from flying the Bird out on a second's notice. Her bird is nicely in her Parking Slot on the Flight Line in ready.

Tycara had some time on her hands and decided that she might want to seek out the Director; having gone through all her dedicated duties she left word for the Director that she had completed all the mandatory things that is required of her as a Flight Officer; A Pilot by any other name, as promised at their first meeting. The word had come down that Team Beta had themselves a pilot for their Bird as well.

Something came to her that was not fully discussed in the initial meeting and she felt the input of the Director might she light upon a a lapse in her contract; more of an over sight, and she could have sworn that she had this little point cleared up. It was a part of her reputation on the line that she felt was not being allowed in the confines of the Base.

Finding the Director's Office she walk up to the receptionist ; secretary or Administrative Assistant as they are called by title of the Structure paying the bills and figuring how to describe what is being paid for, asking to see Norul if he could spare the time and if not; with a sly smile behind her Face plate, informed that she would wait as she did come without an appointment.

It seemed that the Director's Messenger was more inclined to have her ushered in that look at his reflection through the Visor.

Rapping lightly on the door frame of his office she waited for permission to enter?

The Director looked up from the monitor on his desk at the sound of the tap. “Yes?” He said inquisitively. “Can I help you?”

Tycara stepped in and closed the door politely behind her.

"I feel quite naked while walking the corridors after a discussion with my team leader Sir; it would seem my full function is not being considered while I am here Director." Tycara open her arms to the side as emphasis at her shapely sides of the flight suit alone.

“You look perfectly well clothed to me,” Norul replied in a confused manner. “I presume I am missing something?”

"My hips..." Tycara smoothed them. "You really do not expect me to walk about like this; I have not had this problem in a decade and as many contracts." She angled her face plate and gaze upon him. "It was said Security would not favor my wearing my rig," She tried to remain calmer in the speaker projected voice and not show her real irritation."You saw my rig when you hired me and I am sure this is a miscommunications saying I cannot have my 'Working Rig' with me Director Norul?"

"All the time you are within the confines of this base, I see no problem with you carrying your 'rig' on your person." Norul now sounded even more confused than he did before.

"Of course only upon the station." Tycara replied almost indignantly. "I am well versed on the parameters and laws of the Federation; carrying of a energy or Ballistic weapon is not recommended, I do not carry my rig while of the streets and residences of Earth and what kind of Ceremonial weapons I am allowed to carry upon my person without stating from what Planet I hail." She nod. "Do I have to disclose the specialty weapons to the Man At Arms; in my profession some 'work' is distinctive and I do not wish to disclose the origins of said weapons?"

"I don't think that will be necessary," the director replied. "I can give you the required permissions, so that you can keep your secrets safely to yourself.

"You are very Kind director Norul." She gave a polite bow. "I am just checking so that I do not break the parameters of my Contract nor be unable to defend those in my care Sir." She admitted. "I was brought on with than in mind was I not, why else hire a professional?"

“Of course,” the Romulan confirmed. “We need people who can take care of themselves, and where needed, others as well.” Noruls thoughts shot to Fiona, the communications ‘specialist’ on Beat team, who in his opinion had no business running with the project at all.

"I am glad that we had this clarification Director Norul." The modulated voice was soothing in tone. "As is in the contract; feel free to call upon me at a moment's notice, I realize a Girl in my Profession is always on the edge a call to Arms one might say." She gave a slight bow. "With that I shall not take up any more of your time Director." She turned to leave. "Toodles..." She gave a finger wave before she was fully turned and left.

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