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Beginning Her Day

Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 9:55am by Saoirse O'Shea & Hans Luger

Mission: Private Investigation - Guard Duty
Location: O'Shea dwelling
Timeline: MD 01 1155 hours

Hans was armed with an expensive imported cup of coffee. It was not hard to find out what kind the lavish lady liked. Look at her web pieces. But then that was the side she projected. The staff she kept on hand to get her every need knew O'Shea better. He had made some subtle inquiries to get what the lady actually did like when he came into her place.

Being a party girl persona by her projected side, it was not all that hard to know when to be at her place, eight hours before the first gala event on the agenda, some fundraiser for the orphans fund. It sounded generic for a reason. This organization helped wherever the borders allowed them to cross. They did good work; but Luger had done his probing and decided the legit work done is worth having someone like O'Shea heading up the gala to raise resources.

"Good morning, Mr. Luger," Hamilton, the head butler, greeted as Luger walked casually through the doorway.

"How is she this morning?" It seemed the polite thing to start with?

"Her usual self. It is a day of an event on her social calendar. She will be buzzing about getting ready so she can give her best face to the media and promote the event."

"I got some sleep and had a good breakfast, so I am ready for the day." He had to chuckle. "You think she is ready for her coffee?"

"The lady is on the veranda starting her... morning." Hamilton gestured in the direction. "That way, Mr. Luger.”

Taking the coffees and direction, Luger made his way out to meet his client at the beginning of her day.

“Hamilton!” Breeze shouted from the veranda. “Where’s my god-damn coff--” She trailed off as Hans approached, bearing the heavenly beverage. “Thank God! You’re a fucking lifesaver.” She eagerly took the cup and took a sip then sighed and sank back in the deck chair. She lounged there in oversized sunglasses and a skimpy, revealing robe that draped over her lush figure, clinging to her curves, dangerously open. Beside her was a plate of fruit and something green in a glass.

“You would think with how advanced we’ve become we would have discovered a cure for a hangover,” Breeze said, picking up a hypospray and pressing it to her neck. She sighed with relief as the analgesic took hold.

“So did you have fun at the party last night, Mr. Lugar?” Breeze asked with a beautiful, teasing smile. She’d sicced a couple of her sycophants on him to flirt and try to bed him, get him away from watching her constantly. Honestly, how could she get a good hit of Andorian ice moss if he was watching her? And, honestly, he looked like a guy that needed to get laid.

Breeze popped an ichleberry into her mouth and got up. “Make yourself comfortable,” she said. “Do you need breakfast? Have Hamilton get you something. I’m going to start getting ready. I’ll grab a bit as we leave.” She stood and headed back inside toward the bathroom, shrugging out of her robe as she passed the bed, revealing the lacy black negligee beneath before she disappeared from Hans’ view.

"I am fine, thanks." He moved to where he was out of direct line of sight. "No need to take him away from his other duties." Luger hated how some lifestyles were so self-complected.

O'Shea was beautiful; unfortunately, she was more than aware of it, but felt she had to be the center of so many things. He shook his head slightly and moved to the doorway of where she had vanished.

"As for a cure of a hangover, there is an old German method, but only recommended to the strong of heart and spirit," he half joked. "That is the warning that comes with the label. Just remember if I do this for you; you have to ask for it?" He chuckled and leaned back on the wall adjacent to the doorway to survey the room and his surroundings.

“That sounds a little like a line, Mr. Luger,” Breeze said, and her lacy black negligee flew out the door to drape at his feet. There was the sound of water, and steam billowed out from the shower.

Luger looked down and shook his head at the garment at his feet. No wonder someone wants to do her harm. Maybe letting them might take her down from the stage she danced upon. It is a stage for most in her social hierarchy, and keeping her alive and well to hopefully learn is what he signed up to do. But being a maid is not one of his duties.

"I'll have it waiting in the kitchen for Your Grace when you are ready," he jokingly called into the steaming room. "Just be sure to get squeaky clean, as you are center stage tonight."

Breeze took her time to luxuriate in her shower, washing and doing her daily rituals for about an hour before emerging wrapped in a green silk robe, very short, showing off her long, lean, gorgeous legs and generous cleavage. She found Luger’s concoction ready in the kitchen and sniffed it, then tasted it. She made a face, but then downed it like a true trooper. “That was too nasty not to work,” she muttered, heading back to her room to sit in front of her vanity mirror and do her hair and makeup.

"Personal guarantee to help or kill you, always a coin toss per customer." Luger was walking about, as sitting made him complacent, and he did not need that in dealing with Ms. O'Shea. "I know your beauty will make this a quick process. Anything new I need to know on the agenda?"

Breeze picked up her holopad and swiped it open. “Charity event tonight, obvs,” she said. “Some shopping this afternoon. After party. Oh, there’s a fan holopic thing, too, Nothing death defying.” She flipped the tube off and tossed it aside, checked her makeup, and seemed satisfied. “Now what should I wear?” she mused, opening a massive walk in closet.

"So in other words, a normal kind of day?" he mused. "The same locations I asked you to give me yesterday, right?" He had gone through and done some checking of the sites and planning last night. "So we can make sure you are never more than fashionably late?" he called back to her.

“Yes, same locations,” Breeze answered from the depths of the closet. Her robe came flying out of the closet, tossed by a careless hand. A few minutes later, Breeze re-emerged looking fabulous in a low cut and short skirted white sundress with strappy white heeled sandals. “So shall we go?” she asked her babysitter.

“You look lovely." He opened the door for her. “Almost makes me wish I brought the motorcycle today." He followed her out the door. "Hover car is in the lower garage, no need to cut through the lobby."

“Motorcycle isn’t that safe,” Breeze said. “And it would ruin my hair.” Her heels clipped on the duracrete as they exited the hotel into the parking garage, finding the car easily enough in the VIP space designated for her. She waited for him to get the door and then slipped inside.

"You have not ridden a motorcycle and felt the wind in your hair?" He went around to the driver's door and got it. "Or the thrum of a strong engine." He chuckled. "In this, you see the road and things passing by. On a bike, you are part of the road, feel the landscape, and become one with the riders. it takes more affection to share a saddle than most do to share a bed." He laughed. "You do not know what you are missing." He started out of the VIP area. "We will be there shortly."

“I never said I hadn’t,” Breeze said. “And if you weren’t so old, I might take you up on it just to tease you.” She smirked at Lugar. “But as it is, I won’t have time to make myself presentable before the charity event tonight if we did that. Maybe the next one.”

She leaned back in the seat, watching the Irish countryside go by, heading for Dublin, her home -- basically a modernized castle -- receding in the distance. “You have any family you’re leaving behind while you go on galactic tour with me?” Breeze asked. “Anyone to miss you?”

"Parents and the usual scatter of relatives," Luger said in reply. "No family gatherings any time soon." He concentrated on the journey. "I am sure Helga will miss me, but is very understanding about my absence for work. I nestled her in with a warm and soft blanket in the parking area, so no damage." He glanced over his shoulders. "I am not owned by a cat, so one could say I am hopelessly devoted to you for the near future." He smiled and kept guiding the flight to the destination.

“You have a cat?” Breeze said. “You should bring her on tour,” she told him. “I bet Vienna would like him. Wouldn’t you, Vee?” she asked, her voice dropping into baby talk as she scratched the ears of the black and brown miniature dachshund she carried in her purse.

"Helga is my motorcycle," Luger teased. "As for my cat; she might; for lack of a better word, play with Ms. Vee a little roughly." He glanced through the mirror at Ms. O'Shea. "I could not have a live animal because of my work hours, so I have an artificial pet named Sasha. She is a bobcat who is also a very good security measure for my place." He chuckled.

“Ah. Vienna is a wonderful security measure, too,” Breeze said. “Aren’t you, my cutsie!” she said in a baby voice to the miniature dachshund, giving her nose kisses and feeding her a treat.

"In the old days they said any dog with a bark is a good deterrent," Luger said as he brought the first destination upon her itinerary. "Dublin has some beauty to it.” He was on final approach. "Do they have a transporter where we are going?” he asked as the little tricorder that he carried sent a signal to the display in his glasses. "I do not want to stop to drop you off."

“There is a public one at the shopping center,” Breeze said. “Same at the charity event tonight. This car doesn’t have one, though,” she pointed out.

"Feel like a quick transporter trip while the car makes a round-about while you shop?" Luger suggested. "Around the next corner we beam out and let anyone interested follow this around the town. Should throw off the majority, and we call it back to pick us up." He had a plan. "No need for admiring hoards seeking out your beauty and hindering your shopping spree."

Breeze frowned. “How do we beam out without a transporter?” she asked.

Out of his pocket Luger took out a small device and passed it back to her. “This is updated from an officer's transporter. This is a transporter enhancer; and I made arrangements to have the industrial transporter beam up to the mall, and then we simply walk out onto the mall floors and you go shopping." Luger smiled. "Twenty year old technology updated for personal use." He chuckled. "And with the schedule available I can arrange things like transportation in advance."

Breeze eyed the device skeptically. What industrial transporter? “This is safe?” she asked.

“It is a transporter for things larger than normal transporters; cargo and such," Luger told her. "Also in the back of the mall, so that we can enter unannounced and move to the first appointed destination without really being noticed." He smiled. "The transponder just makes it where we have a transporter lock for the technician and the unit can independently beam you to your home one way in an emergency." He grinned as he looked back. "This method allows anyone tracking the air car to follow it while we are not here and cover our movements."

“Okay, but cargo transporters don’t usually have the safety features of people ones, do they?” Breeze asked.

"Actually, the Employee Section. I dropped your name with a need of being discreet." He smiled back. "I was joking. With exception of certain gems and latinum, the freight is highly sensitive. But we will be going through the personnel transporter system." He grinned. "Little Vee has to be sure all her atoms are properly arranged upon arrival, after all." He gave a nod. "Press the button and off we go?"

Breeze was still skeptical, but she depressed the button, holding Vienna in her purse close.

[Mall Employee Transporter Pads]

The two passengers and little dog were neatly transported to the Mall Employee Section as programmed. It was easier having the actual transporter room as the coordinates than some random area where foot traffic might hinder the transport, and this was also the safest option of being able to transport site to site should the instant they were materialized adjustments could be made by the operator.

The transporter was a smaller version with only four pads. The console looked more robust across the smaller room. An operator was wide eyed and almost in disbelief of who had come through.

"Saoirse O'Shea..." the youthful operator said slowly with a slack to his jaw, not gaping, but very close. "You are Saoirse O'Shea.I don't believe it."

Saoirse was instantly “on”. Her smile brightened her gorgeous face. “It’s just Breeze,” she told the transporter operator as she stepped off the platform. “Thank you for letting us use your pad,” she said, leaning on the console enough to flash the operator a good view of her generous cleavage. She looked amazing, and she knew it. “Which way to the shops?”

"Out the door and left." He was in awe.

"Come along, Pin-up." Luger gently took her by the arm to ease her into moving. "You only have so much shopping time," he urged her.

Breeze blew the transport operator a kiss, a wink, and a smile and headed into the mall.


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