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Show on the road time.

Posted on Mon Jun 15th, 2020 @ 12:19pm by Madeline Summers & T'Lisa Anderson & Mara Xul & Tycara

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Maeander Alpha Team Runabout
Timeline: MD 04 Early departure


The Runabout was all fitted out according to the mission parameters; the load out seemd stowed and the extra sensory gear in the compartments waiting use. Tycara had the the Flight Gear only with her Trusted weapon rig on her hips, never leave home without them. Where she let things be more casual is in not having the armor plates and cloak donned yet. NO need for the initial transit; the flight time would give her time to get fully dressed before coming on station.

The 'Open door Policy' in effect as she went about making the first rady Pre-Flight Check List complete. She sank into the Pilot Seat and started to put the Anti-Gravity system to 'Stand-by'; the thrusters to 'Ready status' and the Impulse engine on a slow warm up figuring they could slowly come on line rather than a Battle Start; no need abuse the Baby at the moment. The two of them would just wait the other's arrival.

T'Lisa entered the Shuttle Bay and made her way to Maeander, the Alpha Team Runabout. On her right hip was a type-2 phaser and her left was a tri-corder, both were civilian variants of Starfleet tech. In her hand was a carryall.

"Good day, Tycara. How are the pre-flight checks going?" She asked the pilot.

"Completed and idling like the purr of a satisfied kitten." Tycara turned her chair to face Anderson. "If Maeander were any more ready she would fly herself."

"Good, now we just have to wait for the others to arrive." T'Lisa said.

"Sit back and eventually you will enjoy the ride." Tycara suggested.

A young woman, with long flowing blonde hair that she wore over her shoulders, excitedly came in through the hatch. "Hi," she said in way of introduction, as she looked around the runabout with a sense of awe and wonder.

The face plate focus on the new woman; unknown to Tycara and the left hand was close to the butt of her percussion weapon as she focus on the woman.

"Please present our boarding pass as I did not see your name on the list of passengers." Tycara asked in her more Diplomatic voice tone, more than five seconds had passed.

"I am Madeline Summers," the woman replied indignantly. "Unless some mistake has been made, the director should have added me to the manifest."

"If Captain Anderson verifies then I humbly apologize." Tycara said calmly. "Just trying to maintain safety of my team; you understand that if you are to be a part. I just need to know if you fall under my ... care."

T'Lisa took a look at the manifest. "Welcome aboard Miss Summers."

---Mara's Quarters---

"He sure is putting us on a short leash this time." Gemini said with a hint of irritation while she appeared in front of Mara interrupting what she was doing.

Mara looked up at her companion and simply moved Gemini aside with the back of her hand. "He..," Mara began while briefly glancing at her eager companion before returning her gaze back at the console she had been working at for the better part of an hour. "does not have the intention of putting us on a short leash, we can do whatever we want to, we just haven't done anything that he didn't like." Mara simply stated as she shut off the console and looked at the hovering ball with a slight smile and proceeded to walk towards her weapon that was hanging on the wall of her quarters, it was a simple weapon resembling an old earth compound bow but with modern features. Mara simply picked the weapon off the wall and holstered it on her back.

"Alright, I hope you know what you're getting us into. I never liked working with more than one person, then again what do I know." The floating ball replied and disappeared.

Letting out a soft chuckle Mara took a step back from the wall. "Don't worry, we're only there to evaluate them and if things go wrong give them some support from the shadows." Mara explained before she too disappeared into thin air.


A moment later the woman covertly appeared in the aft section of the runabout where she waited until they were ready to depart.

"There is one more at the back gate." Tycara said with the interior Heads-up display of the one known as Mara Xul near the rear ramp. =^= Last boarding call for the outbound flight.=^= Tycara announced over the intercom's speakers near the ramp. "Please board so that the flight may begin, and Thank you for choosing Meander Space Lines for your Travel needs.=^=

"Tycara, let the base know we're ready to launch and then get us airborne." T'Lisa ordered.

Tycara made sure the last passenger was up the ramp as she cleared the Launch sequences.

"This is your pilot, please keep your seats upright and trays stowed until we reach a crusing spped and we turn off the restraint light and then you may walk about the Cabins and we thank you for choosing Alpha Team Space Lines for your travel needs. =^= Alpha Team Runabout launching.=^= she reported to Flight Control.


T'Lisa Anderson
Team Alpha
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Madeline Summers (PNPC Norul)
Home Base
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Mara Xul
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