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Tactical Assault

Posted on Tue Apr 28th, 2020 @ 11:20am by Norul & Taranlia "Lia" Lesan

Mission: Team Beta - Resurrecting a team
Location: Underground docking bay - Home Base - Earth
Timeline: MD02 - 1300

Norul was anxious not only to inspect the two craft that were currently laying dormant, ready for use by the project, currently halted by change and accusation. But he was also eager to meet with any new arrivals. He felt it his responsibility to know everyone whose lives were willingly being put under his control. He saw a young woman standing a little way off, and approached. “Greetings!” he called.

The woman turned to meet him. She was a real beauty, with dark hair and eyes, lips painted red, and a lean physique. She wore a blue midriff top, cut off shorts, and sandals in the heat of summer that showed toned muscles, and even a six pack of abs. She had tucked a red tulip in her hair behind her ear. She had a duffel next to her on the floor.

“Hello,” she greeted. ”Jolan tru,” she offered the traditional Romulan greeting of peace. “I am not really sure where I am supposed to be,” she admitted. “The pilot who dropped me off just said to wait.” She shrugged and watched the Romulan expectantly, studying him. She was used to the hurry up and wait in the intelligence game.

“I’m Taranlia Lesan,” she introduced herself. “Everyone not my family calls me Lia. “Psi-Corps, Starfleet Intelligence, Blackwatch, now freelance,” she listed her credentials. “And now here for...Destiny?” she queried.

”Jolan tru,” replied the Romulan, taken aback that anyone would speak to him in his native tongue. “Glad to meet you. I am Director Nolun. Shall we see if we can find out what to do with you?” he asked, beckoning toward a nearby computer terminal that he hoped might hold some information in the matter.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Lia said. “I was told where to wait and that someone would pick me up. And the windows on the shuttle were tinted opaque, though I timed the flight,” she admitted. “My guess is somewhere in northern Europe.” She followed over to the console. “So what’s the director doing with menial processing duties?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m actually down here to meet with one of my team leaders,” Norul shrugged. “Just seeing you standing there, made me wonder about you, and now knowing you have no instructions, I’m all the more curious.” He tapped away at the console, looking up the details. “Ah, it seems you are to join Team Beta. I must say, I haven’t had all that much involvement in that particular team thus far. It would explain why you are such a mystery. This way.” He led on toward one of the bays to the side of the launch area where a Arrow class runabouts sat.

“It’s not so unusual in my line of work,” Lia said, following the Romulan. “Be here. Someone will pick you up. Do what you’re told. Clients like deniability. That’s why they use us.” She looked over at the Scorpions. “Promising tech,” she mused.

“Is it?” asked the Director. “I wouldn’t know. All I see is a means of getting from A to B, carved out of a piece of metal. I’m sure she flies well, and defends herself honourably, but I just don’t get the fuss for these things.”

“I’ve worked for less reputable outfits since I went freelance from Blackwatch,” Lia said. “Sometimes they expect you to get from A to B in a ship held together by spit, baling wire, and duct tape,” she said. “These are at least top of the line. I’m a competent pilot, but I’m not a wheelman.”

“Duct tape?” Norul asked in confusion, looming up upon the craft with indifferent eyes.

Lia swung the duffel she carried around and unzipped it, digging around a bit. Finally she pulled out a gray circle of some kind and tossed it to Norul. “Duct tape,” she said. “Never leave home without it. One of the most useful things to come from Earth,” she said with a chuckle. “Cheap handcuffs, gag, emergency sealant.”

“Sounds useful,” the director said, rotating the tape in his hands, feeling the bumpy fibres, and eyeing the object over. “But perhaps a little low tech. Is this still in production?”

“Replicator,” Lia said. “These are good, too.” She pulled out a bundle of zip ties. “Sometimes low tech is the best solution. There’s a reason Klingon disruptors are more reliable than Federation phasers. They take a beating, and aren’t as finicky when they get dirty. So they sell better on the black market.” She stuffed her things back into her bag.

“That might be true,” Norul acknowledged. “But I like my disrupters with a little more finesse.” He rubbed his hand along the Romulan disruptor concealed at his hip.

Lia shook her head. “There is no finesse in any disruptor, Romulan, Cardassian, or otherwise,” she said. “They’re good for what they do, and that is kill. A phaser is a bit more of a utility tool, with the stun and cutting settings. But that just lends them to more frailty under adverse conditions. The Federation likes its white room testing.” She smiled. “And if I’m honest, I prefer a scatterbeam attachment on my weapon. Better in close quarters. Surprised you’re even allowed to carry that thing on Earth,” she commented, nodding to his weapon.

"I can carry it down here," the Romulan replied. "On the surface no one can carry a weapon without a license, and there is not much point in a Romulan such as myself applying for one of those. And Humans call themselves enlightened," he scoffed.

Lia smirked. “It isn’t easy for a Human to get a license, either,” she pointed out. “Like any other state, the Federation likes its monopoly on violence. That’s why I chose to make myself a weapon. I don’t have to wait patiently for the police if someone attempts to rape or kill me.”

"Less chance people would want to kill you than they would me on this planet." Norul shrugged. "This planet looks like paradise from the outside. But there is still a great deal of prejudice against my people. I am an unwelcome outsider here."

“Well, considering the things your people have done…” Lia pointed out. “But I have worked with Romulans before. There are plenty out in the freelance world that can no longer go home, for various reasons. But you’re right. They don’t usually go to the core worlds of the Federation, other than occasionally to Vulcan. What made you come to Earth?” she asked curiously.

"The project is my only reason," replied the Romulan. "As for going home, my home was destroyed," he added in agitated tones.

“Ah. When Hobus exploded?” Lia asked, sympathy in her tone. “My condolences, then.”

The man nodded uncomfortably, not wanting to go any further into the subject. “Please, go on ahead. I would hope that your team leader is aboard. I will catch them once you have made your introductions.” That was it, he had no further wish to continue the conversation. At this point he would prefer just to stew in his own self pity.

“Fair enough,” Lia said. She put her hand on his arm as a gesture of comfort, picking up on his emotions, and then headed up the ramp into the runabout.

Taranlia Lesan
Beta Team Tactical Specialist

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