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Science matters

Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 9:38pm by Madeline Summers & T'Lisa Anderson

Mission: Team Alpha - Supernova
Location: Meander - science bay
Timeline: MD03 - 1400

The meander, Alpha teams runabout, had been in flight for a little over 2 hours, and so far Madeline had managed to keep herself to herself. Tucked away in the runabouts excuse for a science lab, she had been running simulations, attempting to arrive at a theory for a stars collapse, outside of it coming to the end of its lifecycle.

It was a good job however that she wasn't claustrophobic, as the science bay itself was only a two or three metres wide, and only two times as long. She could physically spin her chair and be sat at the desk behind without having to move the chair at all.

As for her research, it didn't matter much what she theorised here. It wouldn't lead to any answers until she had some evidence, of which she had none. It was the purpose of this trip after all.

Having gone through all the data they had on the supernova, T'Lisa had a few question, not being a astrophysicist, she decided to get Miss Summers' input o the situation.

Knocking on the Lab door, she waited for the younger woman to answer.

Miss Summers simply reached out from where she sat without looking up and waved her hand in front of then door causing it to open. “Can I help?” She asked, without so much as a glance to find out who had come knocking.

"Well, you can start by looking at me." T'Lisa said. "This may not be a Starfleet vessel, but as team leader, I believe I deserve at least that respect." She added

The scientist looked up from her research to look at T’Lisa, more out of shock than obedience. “I didn’t mean any disrespect. It’s just, well, just take a look at this,” she spun her monitor around so that it could be seen by both women. “See here, this is the normal radiation signature of a sun in the point of life that we should have found the Herrendez star, and these are the radiation signatures we should find at the end of a stars life.”

After examining the data, T'Lisa asked. "So, is it possible for someone to artificially speed up the life cycle of a star?"

“In theory if you were to ‘inject’ a star with certain isotopes, which display these same signatures, you could cause a star to speed its lifecycle by millennia.” Continued the researcher excitedly. “Introduce the right quantity and you might even be able cause a disaster like the one we have been seeing.”

"Is there anyway we can confirm that this was what was done to Herrendez star?" T'Lisa asked "You can use big words, if you like, I'm not exactly a novice when it comes to Science." She added.

"It would take several levels of investigation, but my initial suggestion would be to scan for any trace amounts of known synthetic compounds," the scientist explained. "They would have had to use something to do the 'injecting' with after all."

"Sounds like a logical course of action." T'Lisa replied.

"We may need to do some sensor enhancements of course," Madeline shrugged. "When I say trace amounts, I mean trace amounts. The star would have burnt 99% of matter away. With your permission I can get started?"

"You have it, let me know if you need a hand." T'Lisa said.

"No," Summers chirped as she stood up excitedly. "I should be fine." She would have been out the door already if it weren't for the confines of the room meaning her exit was blocked by the presence of the other woman.

"Very well." T'Lisa said moving aside to let Madeline exit the room.

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