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Scientific mystery

Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2020 @ 11:28pm by Madeline Summers & Tycara

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Meander -

The meander had been on route for a while now, and Madeline found herself in need of some coffee before she fell asleep unprofessionally on top of the sensor array controls. She hadn't seen the strange woman in the suit. Did she sleep in it? So far she hadn't taken it off. Either way she found the woman intimidating, and hoped they wouldn't cross paths on this small vessel as Madeline made her way to the small mess area for the replicator.

Tycara made her way back from the Pilot's seat; she had taken a break in one of the bunk rooms while the staff were busy with planning and sensory analysis. She had time out of suit; quick shower as air system flush and then back in her suit. It was no more than a half hour and well before scheduled course correction check. The weapons were on her hips and she made sure the charge was full in the Disruptor and the Ballistics seated in the second weapon before making her way out; a few tendrils of mist being dispersed as the venting cleared it.

Heading with her specially adapted mug that fit in her faceplate she made her way to the Replicator in the galley. Noticing the New Science Lady that had boarded Tycara made herself a proteins drink that was a strange color smoothie she enjoyed but had the look and sound of sludge coming out of the machine. She did not note anyone else aroun; her faceplate reflected the woman in the room as Tycara took note of her and approach her.

"We have no formal introductions." The speaker modulation had a humanoid female voice with a hint of being artificial like through a universal translator. "I am Tycara, Alpha Team Pilot." She offered her right hand

Madeline took a step back by instinct, before catching herself and hesitantly offering her own right hand to meet the aliens. "Madeline Summers, Scientific researcher," she replied in a meagre voice.

"It is a pleasure." Tycara did only the social accepted shake as the faceplate kept Summers' reflected face in the helmet focus. "I was going to enjoy a break, if you wish conversation I would be happy to have a break from computerized flight data bouncing about.." She nod and was ready to head for a table. "The replicator is not as spicy as real food but it is rather well stocked in choices. The Human Kimchee is understated but good; the Klingon Blood pie is passable, Orion Spice Ribs a bit more tart over sweet but the Bajoran Beef Latte Stew is fairly close to the real thing." She added. "Enjoy your choice."

Madeline took her place at the Replicator. "Coffee," she ordered, "black." She turned back to Tycara and joined her at the table. "This is all I need," she smiled nervously. "I eat at as I work. But erm, how do you?" She looked the suit up and down. "Eat?"

"Specially adapted container for liquid …" She emphasized her container. "Under the correct conditions of adapted atmosphere I can reside out of the suit and with the convenient Food Replication I can consume food as any humanoid female." The face plate reflecting the face of Summers as the focus of the gaze behind the face plate. "You might say I am just a normal alien next door were not the need for me to be in this suit." She shrugged. "It does help to be inside with the armored plates in my profession." She never moved away from her gaze. "I would invite you to join me for dinner but it would be..." Deliberate pause for emphasis. "unpleasant for you and I would not like to cause discomfort."

The scientists cowardice seemed to fade away suddenly. "Remarkable," she announced. "Tell me does your suit filter out elements toxic to your species, or simply replicate a particular element your species needs?"

"I am filtering for the most part; as I said if I were to invite you when outside the suit you would be uncomfortable; not dead, and thus best that I keep myself separated from such encounters." Tycara answered.

Noting the slimmer tank/ rebreather on her back.

"Yet this is a self-contained system capable of working in the vacuum of space as well as certain levels of toxic environments as well. The suit is not specific and only really sub-aquatic operations have less effective parameters." She shrugged. "I have thought if I need to have a suit all the time might as well have is rated so no need to change as often between missions."

"I don't suppose I could take a few scans of your quarters could I?" Madeline asked. "Out of scientific curiosity. I wouldn't mind a little discomfort to that end. Besides with the help of medical I might even be able to find a way of allowing you a less bulky solution to breathing in M-Class atmosphere."

"I have one rule for my contract; not one invades my private space; nor follows me when I go out." The faceplate had the woman across from her steady in the center of the reflection. "I prefer to keep my kind unknown; it is part of who I am. Three people in the Galaxy know where I am from and one of those has regret the decision of being in my 'comfort Zone' to be polite." An air of sincerity came across. "I regretfully decline the scans; I thank you for the offer to help, I just do not share myself until I know one better; everyone wants to now who is un here and I am uncomfortable with the exposure. I am an alien and understand some social separation is a side effect of it."

“Sorry,” the scientist murmured, displaying her cowardly self once again. “I didn’t...I mean....” silence fell. She had no words. She felt herself too intimidated for that.

"You have a couriosity about things that I wish I could have." Tacara replied quickly. "Since My Captain and I split ways I have been on my own, I am used to it and appologize for my gruffness." THe Face plate nod. "Perhaps once I am more comfortable around you things can be diffrent." SHe slowly pull her guns off her hips and held them welll to her side and harmless. "I have to learn more social skills as these do much of my talking for many years." SHe put them back. "Nice ladies like you are whom I choose to hire out to protect. Just socializing has not been easy with me always behind the mask in a way." Again a nod. "You are kind and I-I like it actually. "Putting a gloved hand across to comfort a bit. "I need time to warm up if you will let me have a little room?" SHe chuckled. "My Captain said I was like an abuse cat and hesitant even for genuine friendliness." She shurg. "You are a delight, trust me if I were not needing this you would be most welcome in my ... spaces."

If it were anyone else, and Madeline were not so nervous, she might have thought the words she was hearing were an invite for the possibility of a romantic relationship. But in the here and now, the fear got the better of her. "Ermm, OK," she chuckled in fear. "How is it you became a...." she trailed off again, wondering if mercenary were the right word to use. Or even if she should be asking at all.

Tycara gave the hand a couple of light pats as her Captain had as a little girl when she was nervous. The woman was getting more nervous and Tycara wished she could use that damn Hostess habits she had been drummed into her head, the same ones she used when outside the suit but cannot as the 'Gunslinger' was in front of the woman. Taking her hand away she almost chuckled.

"Don't be nervous, I was just trying to calm the tensions but I suppose that isfor normal Humanoids to do easily, sorry." It seemed best to answer the question. "Fell in with a Privateer as a teen." Tycara said calmly. "Not everyone is blessed with being born and raised in the Federation." She sat back and crossed her arms. "Just like that Pirate story was became a 'Cabin Boy' of sorts. My Captain saved me from a worst Fate and saw to my needs." SHe put up a hand. "Nothing happened, the Captain had strict rules and I was simply a servant who cleaned and began to learn."

Taking a drink from her special container.

"I soon became trusted and as I grew became the Bodyguard, learned quickly the use of a ballistic weapon as they cannot be drained by technology and kick a lot more than Phasers. It was the non-trust of a Privateer crew out to make their own wealth that stayed only so long as money is made. The navigation and Piloting of a ship is key and when The Captain saw my potential I was taught the skills. One day the Captain retired and I was a girl with certain skills and a reputation so I built on it and..." She shrugged and an audible breath from the speaker. "I only told that to the Director." Her head tilt slightly. "Well, enough about the Gunslinger Pirate Girl who keeps most things quiet, what is your story?"

Tycara scolded herself in the silence of helmet for opening herself; a cringing and nervous woman that seemed nice and her appearance and whole persona she projected was not working in her favor this time. Painful as losing a possible friend to her reputation might be, it was one or the other right now.

"oh, ermm, well," Somehow the nervousness had vanished as the masked figure spoke, but Madeline was not prepared for the counter question. "I grew up on Earth. My dad was a Medical doctor, and my mum was a federation counsellor. They didn't have all that much time for me to be honest. Most of the time I had a computer for company, or when at home I had a science kit."

A chuckle emerged from the scientists mouth. "You know, one of those ones that fits inside a tiny little case, with a microscope, some butterfly wings and a few harmless chemicals." She looked at her own reflection in the mask ahead and averted her eyes so not to feel as if she were talking to herself.

"Long story short I fell in love with science. Studied it hard, particularly atsro physics. Landed myself a pretty good research job too. Not that it lasted long."

The floor now seemed the best place to look. "I was dismissed because apparently people found it difficult to work with me. Apparently I annoy people." Eyes shot up again to face the pilot. "Can you imagine that?"

The face plate reflected her up turned eyes and did not falter but remained as though the woman had Tycara's full attention. She tilt her head and gently moved side to side as answering in the Negitive.

"This is what humans call singing to the choir, I am not known for my Social Skills. If I found you annoying I would not have told you of My Captain." She shrugged and took a drink from her container. "Please go on."

"Anyway," Madeline continued. "The last director sort of found me, and who was I to turn down a job. Not that I knew much about the project back then. So here I am."

"May I say that he made a good decision putting you on my team?" A slight half stifled giggle sounded. "I do not have much conversation other than an update of our position." Secretly smiling behind her protection from others face plate. "If you are lonely or just wish conversation the Co-Pilot chair is often uninhabited while I am in the Pilot couch." It was the only way she could say it, it might even be a mistake. "It is nice of you to..." SHe had to think and keep voice the Gunslinger. "pass the time with me. In my other Operations it is talk of one-upping and I like this casual conversation. Both it and you are a refreshing change and good company." The Helmet tilt slightly. "I am still not letting you scan me but I will answer truthfully what I can when you ask."

"Thank you," a smile crept across the human's face. "I might take you up on that co-pilots seat, if I can get the sensors to do as they are told, and I guess I will have to come up with some questions."

"Standard conversation will be just as welcome." Tycara said and then a tone in her helmet told her it was time to check headings. "If you will excuse me I must go and check our progress." She tapped her helmet. "Automated tone." Rising she nod to the woman. "It has been a pleasure."

Tycara took her leave to head for her station.


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