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Into the deep

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 10:43pm by Fiona Banninga & Norul
Edited on on Wed Mar 17th, 2021 @ 12:29pm

Mission: Home Base - The deepest depths
Location: Home base - Various locations
Timeline: MD05

It had taken a lot of courage for Fiona to make her way here. Although if truth be told, it was a lot easier than approaching her husband on the matter. But finally after several hours of agonising about this conversation she was here.

"How can I help you?" Director Norul asked from behind the desk in his office.

"Erm, well, the thing is director," she began with painfully obvious uneasiness. "I don't really feel like I belong here?" She had said it, and immediately it was as if the weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

The director tilted his head slightly as he took in the information. "I agree with you," he said. "You don't belong here. But your husband, and my boss, wants you here. He either simply wants you by his side, or he see's something you and I don't."

The bluntness of Norul's words were painful to hear, but they were nothing that Fiona hadn't heard in her own head.

"Let's see what you do have shall we?" Norul said standing so suddenly that almost any human would have had to sit right back down to steady themselves. "Take this," he demanded throwing a tricorder at the woman, which he retrieved from the draw of his desk in as quick of an instant as he had stood.

Fiona tried to catch the tricorder but failed and it fell to her feet with a loud crack. "s..sorry," she said with a meagre voice.

She picked the tricorder back up off of the floor and checked it over for damage. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you, my dear, to go on your first mission," the man replied. "Right now, with me. This antique of a bunker extends much further than our operation. I intend for us to explore deeper into its unexplored depths, in order that we know what we are up against for future expansion."

This mission Norul had in mind certainly seemed simple enough. It wasn't too far out of Fiona's comfort zone. But still left her on edge. After all, Norul seemed to think this would test her grit. What did he know that she didn't. "Lead the way then, I suppose."

The director and Fiona arrived at a darkened corridor after a short walk from the center of Home Base.

"We haven't installed any modernised power systems this far into the base," Norul announced lighting up a torch that he seemed to have kept in his pockets. "Torchlight from here on in."

The darkened corridor wasn't exactly a welcoming site. In fact it felt more like something out of a horror holo novel that Fiona detested so much. But still she carried on at Norul's side, thankful for his torchlight and for his company. Even if she felt that he was prickly at best.

"Well, start scanning then," Norul ordered sharply.

"Oh, yes, erm, of course" The tricorder sprung to life in the woman's hand as she tried painfully to remember what she had learnt in her very brief training she had been given only a few days earlier by a member of the facilities research team. "What exactly are we looking for?"

"Anything that looks like it might give us some light, I'm sure there must be some dusty old power units down here somewhere," the Romulan director shrugged. "Also if there are any rooms down here big enough to be used for more than storage or sleeping quarters, I want to know about it."

Time continued on and the pair took left turns, right turns, and even took a few downward stairwells or two. But so far nothing other than a few cavernous rooms filled with old tables, chairs, and equipment all dating back from the third world war, as if the place had just been left whilst the occupiers went out shopping.

"I'm reading something that might be some form of power generator through that opening just ahead," Fiona announced with a great deal of uncertainty in her voice.

"Lets check it out then," Norul responded rolling his eyes unseen in the darkness.

As they entered through a large rectangular hole in the wall it became immediately apparent that Fiona had been right. Two large generators the size of twenty third century warp cores stood ahead of them, with various dials, gauges and buttons on a console in front of each.

"Shall we see if they still work?" The director suggested. "You take the right, I will take the left."

"I'm not an engineer," the communications 'specialist' complained.

"Just look for anything that looks like it might be a start button," the Romulan countered.

They both set to work and only a few minutes later a loud clunk that startled both of them, resounded through the room as the right hand generator sprung to life and began whirring.

"Amazing it still works after all this time," Fiona smiled, amazed that she had managed to start the thing, and even more amazed that she had managed it before Norul.

A few seconds later the pair were blinded by lights powering themselves to life. A moment after that another loud clunk filled their ears, followed by a loud metallic creaking.

They turned around to see the source of the noise, and in the large rectangular entry way that they had entered through they saw it.

A heavy blast door was lowering into place.

There was nothing for it, they both began to leg it for the door hoping to get out before it was too late. But it was too late before they had even started running.

They were trapped. Hundreds of metres bellow ground, and out of range of the bases communications grid. Alone, and without any way of requesting help.

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