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East bound and down

Posted on Sat Mar 14th, 2020 @ 2:30am by Tycara
Edited on on Sat Mar 14th, 2020 @ 7:56pm

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Tiger Shuttle
Timeline: MD 03


Tycara sat in the Pilot seat of 'Tiger' her modified type 10 Shuttle; the modifications added 2.5 Metric tons and a whole lot of power and speed. A similar reactor to the type 11 blockbuster now in service; the older type 10s had a lot of potential. The real differences were the crew size; a specialty pod; larger power source and 8.5 tons. A more refined type 11 but for the Open Market of Mercenaries a type- 1`0 that can out speed a standard type 11 is saying something.

Once the upgrade and turbo charged replacement of equal size to type 11; thank the Goddess Lady Luck for the modular designs of Federation surplus parts and ships. Tycara had worked and bartered hard for a Daystrom Student of Engineering rejected project; the slightly larger fusion chamber added centimeters to outer measurements. A cutting torch and some Durasteel plating replaced put a up graded type 11 style power center in Tiger. The improved gave her a warp factor more speed and another half for 5 hours til it melts power source. She rarely used top speed 5.5 was a fast for her shuttle's normal 5 top speed. 6 in a pinch like a type 11, but she only use 7 in an escape attempt; and by Lady Luck she had avoided that.

She ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair; enough to be comfortable in the helmet and look good when left to hang free of it. She had taken the plates off and sat in just the contouring pressure suit that was like a warm glove to her body. The gloves off and sleeves unzipped along forearm to let them breathe.

Relaxed; but not unaware, she ease back in the chair while listening to a Zen book of Inner Peace played through the speakers. Tycara debate if she wanted to whittle a bit on her latest project or just prime the sensors and take a Cat Nap? The soothing voice of the narrator spoke of how Iner Peace is something that comes only from acceptance of oneself and that place in the Cosmos. Frustration and aggravation comes from non-acceptance of that universal truth.

"It come from not choking an individual that really needs it." Tycara chuckled aloud. "But I will try to find it your way as mine gets me in trouble."

Almost at the Navigational Outer Marker she had been given in her references. the outside cannot see in and she could watch the stars as Tiger took her to 'A Destination' that should be good for her. The proximity warning sounded as she entered the Sensory net, she zipped the sleeves and got up to start attaching her plating to the suit and the breathing gear is part of the seat for easy connect.

[Outer marker achieved; in bound speed reduction to Impulse.] The computer confirmed as the automatics continued the flight plan.

Plating did not take long and she returned to the Pilot Couch with her helmet on the top of the head rest secured. Buckling in Tycara took the mains off line as the shuttle moved towards the planet in question. Half way through the inner system and she put the Helmet on ; connected the life support system and lifted her locked visor. Keying the same voice modulator in her helmet.

"Tiger Shuttle registry TG-1942 requesting final approach." She transmit.

[Tiger shuttle TG-1942 you are cleared final Glide pattern Banninga Mansion Landing Pad.] The automated voice prompted. [Have a pleasant flight down.]

"Roger that." Tycara cut the feed and closed her visor.

The shuttle descended as the flight path allow; heading towards a mansion style home. The wealthy do tend to have things enlarged so Tycara did not flinch but eased the flare as she gently touch down. She automatically had the impulse engines down; the impulse had started to cool and the maneuvering were winding down.

The sensation of the horizon changing like sinking in sand only the thrum of the Landing Pad being lowered.

At least she had suit up.


Alpha Team Pilot/ Engineer




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