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Introducing the Acting Director

Posted on Wed May 11th, 2022 @ 5:38pm by Kristiina Peltola & David Banninga & T'Lisa Anderson & Mara Xul & Tycara & Travis Morgan & Ryan Blake M.D. & Yvette Beauvoir
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Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Meeting Room

Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir had surprised the Security personnel by wearing her uniform into Project Destiny building. Even though she was Starfleet Intelligence, she'd only heard of the Project, when Admiral Mercer had assigned her to it as Starfleet Liaison.

So here she was looking out of place on her way to a staff meeting led by Acting Director Peltola.


The open hatch of Alpha Team Arrow Wing had been the last stop before leaving the Hangar area. The system checks and checking over the 'maintenance Work' by technicians took Tycara some time; not a lot but enough to occupy her time prior to the staff Meeting. No pilot worth their price totally trusted the Union hired Techs that do the minimal work to get paid, Tycara at least made sure they did the job correctly per work order.

Her hands 'caress' the grips of her two weapons neatly in the holsters; 'Holds' in place while not in use. The shaped holsters would do the job ; yet, the added little strap held them tight and gave the impression she was not going to immediately draw them at the drop of a hat (As humans say). The breathing gear was on filter, the mirrored face shield the only 'expression' she gave to the universe, the wider peripherals gave her full vision of her surroundings; while not moving the helmet her eyes behind the visor kept in motion watching her universe. Her cloak flow behind her as she moved in the armored Flight Suit.

She was making her way to the Staff meeting; not caring that the people tended to 'part' a bit out of her path, Tycara was used to it as a Mercenary on hire.


Travis sat in his office drinking coffee. It was almost time for the senior staff meeting. As he finished his brew, he stood and made his way through the halls of Destiny Project HQ.


Deep within the large near ancient complex from which Destiny Inc. hailed from. On the basement level in one of the more larger and darker rooms chosen not only for the peace and quiet that the location but also because its occupant enjoyed the darkened setting it offered. In the large bathroom lay a slim figure totally submerged in the tub, the room was dimly lit by the flames of several candles the were placed in several locations, a handful of candles were scattered in groups of four or five on the floor, several were also on the large counter opposite of the tub.

A hovering blue orb materialized through the wall and moved a few feet forward, slowly Mara resurfaced and opened her luminescent eyes when her head was fully above the waterline, "Yes?" She asked without any exertion.

"She has called a meeting." The blue orb simply replied and vanished a second later just as quickly as it had appeared, Mara let out a sigh. She had felt something, whether it was related to Norul's sudden disappearance or the woman’s arrival she didn't know. Mara gracefully rose from the tub and reached towards a towel to dry herself and get dressed, she would attend this meeting even if it's just to satisfy her curiosity.


Exhaling slowly as she made the last few steps to the meaning, Ryan briefly reflected on her post Starfleet life thus far. She had hoped leaving Starfleet after such traumatic and chaotic circumstances, her work with Project Destiny would give her a sense of accomplishment, if not stability. Thus far, all she had been left with was more mystery and questions.

Blake could only hope that by the time the meeting was over, she would at least have more to distract her, even if some things were destined to remain unknown. She entered the room offering a polite nod to her colleagues. She didn't know them all that well as yet, but if they were about to be called into service, she had no doubt that would soon change.

Kristiina was the last person to arrive at the meeting. This was done intentionally on her behalf so everyone could see her arrive. She took a seat next to David's and waited for him to start.

"Good morning everyone," David said as he stood up. "As you are all aware, Director Norul has gone missing. While the investigation to his disappearance is ongoing I have asked a old friend to help us in the mean time." He held his hand towards Kris. "May I introduce you to Kristiina Peltola, our acting director".

Kristiina smiled at David as she stood up. "Firstly, I'd like to thank David for this opportunity. I'm not sure how long I'll be here but i aim to do my best for Project Destiny while I'm here.

"I am part Vulcan." She continued pushing her long brown hair behind her right ear to reveal her pointy ears. "But i like to have a good time and have some fun while I'm working." She said with a smile.

"If you have any problems you wish to air, my door is always open, even if the problem is me. Tell me and we can sort it out. Is there any questions or comments from any of you?"

Travis walked into the room, took a look around and nodded hello to everyone. Then he found an empty seat and sat down.

Yvette listened to the Acting Director introduce herself. She's quite attractive The Starfleet officer thought.

Tycara sat in the corner, legs crossed at the ankles as the reflective faceplate stare forward, her elbows resting on the arms of the chair and her fingers steepled. The cloak was off the shoulders and her combat Environmental suit was nearly silent as it processed. Her twin weapons did not hinder her seating as the reflections of the surrounds gave nothing away as to the occupant's emotions.

"Are there changes in the contract?' The voice modulation was normal human female talking, no distinct accent but a very intricate program running the speaker system as it modulated the volume to be just right for the ambient noise not to force a higher volume above conversation level. "I have a deal under the processor and would like to know if renegotiation is required or are the terms still standing?" Tycara asked throough her communications system that gave a pleasant voice to converse with.

"None of your terms and conditions in your contracts will be alternated because of this temporary change." Kristiina reassured them. "I'm here to help lead while the Director is absent."

"Speaking of the Director, my investigation has hit a wall. If we're going to find out what's happened to him I'm going to need input from everyone and to use every available resource we have at our disposal." Said Travis as he monitored the faces of those in the room looking for a tell of some sort.

Peltola frownd, unaware of any investigations into yhe Directors disappearance. "what investigation are you talking about?"

“I’ve been trying to skip trace the director. But I’ve hit a dead end. So I’m hoping that someone here might have at least a clue to where he may be. After all I am the projects Chief Investigator.” Said Travis turning slightly to look at her.

As serene as Mara appeared, she was worried and could not help but question the true motive of Norul's sudden disappearance and while, yes. In their last encounter he had requested to be left to his own devices and Mara had been instructed not to tell anyone while he went exploring the mansion's underground. Which she had respected but it wasn't until a few days ago that Mara could only sence what humans would call a soul or essence and before that she knew exactly where and with whom Norul had been in contact with without having to exert herself to much. Now it didn’t matter how much she called out to him there was no response, no image, no thought. So for now he was still alive at least, something Mara had to be content with and logically came to the conclusion that Norul simply did not want to be found. As for the investigation of mister Morgan Mara figured he was simply being sent on a wild goose chase.

Tycara wondered if there was a point to this aside from the meet and greet? Knowing whom had the reins is a natural fact that needs to be established as anything with more than one Head is a Monster, the missing Director's disappearance and this woman's comment ' While I'm here' seemed a little ambiguous to Tycara. Being a mercenary she had clients change all the time; often it is for a reason that the 'Person signing the check changes.'

"Director Norul..." Tycara began. "and his disappeance had some sort of plan not relayed I am guessing?" Her face plate angle slightly as she focused on the exchange. "To have someone ready to take charge and your mannerism's show that this contingency has been planned for, my question is what do you need of us, I am not exactly what humans call a 'Bloodhoune' type but more of a Guard Dog and will not be of much use investigating unless there is foul play suspected and I am to 'protect the Investigators?" The face plate had Travis as the reflection focus. "No offence Mr. Travis, you seem very capable of handling yourself, I just wish to determine my use in this situation."

One thing about Travis rang true. He was good at his job. His skills at deduction weren't bad either. So he was beginning to think that Narul didn't want to be found, but being the professional he was, he would keep looking if only to rule out foul play.

"So in light of my negative findings, I come to those who knew him best to share anything that might prove helpful." Offered Travis.

Peltola raised an eye brow, "You seem to think that Director Norul's disappearance is more sinister than a family emergency?"

“I don’t jump to conclusions. I go where the evidence takes me. And as far as I can tell, his family doesn’t even know where he is.” Replied Travis

"it is my experience that among humanoids a Family Emergency would not require a vanishing." Tycara's faceplate reflected straight ahead encompassing those in view. "Also it is very difficult to exit unnoticed by some security device or person. This facility is state of the art; it is more likely a test of the security by the Director." She shrugged under the cloak. "Since Ms. Peltola is taking the mantel of Director pro-teem, I would ask if there are tasks we need to accomplish or is there to 'be a search' for the missing Director?"

Tycara rose from her seat.

"If not I would ask dismissal as there are routine checks of the Aerowing that I should be completing?"

"I've taken on a lucrative mission that team A will look into. I believe David has plans for team B." Peltola replied. "As for Director Norul's whereabouts I will keep a close eye on the situation. If we need to step in and investigate, we will."

David simply nodded at Kristiina's remark on Beta team.

"Lucritive mission." Tycara lowered back into her seat. "Please elaborate if you could?"

"Apparently there's an abandoned ship in unclaimed space between Federation and Cardassian territories. We have been offered a lucrative contract if we go and salvage a list of equipment from there. Anything that's not on the list is free for us to take for ourselves." Peltola replied.

Though the helmet did not vary in the steady reflective gaze; a smile was on the face of Tycara. A slight reminder of her 'Days under the Captain' which seemed more like pillaging than salvage. She had also kept her shuttle in prime condition; a little savaging of parts would be a nice change, but she also sensed what is not relayed in the answer.

"What is the catch; a simple Salvage Job for a place like ours means there are details; who else has 'sights' set on the ship?" The calm voice modulated to be a humanoid female of pleasant tone asked.

"The catch is your not the only ones after it." Yvette said. "Let me introduce myself, I'm Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir, I'm your liaison with Starfleet Intelligence. I'm here to provide Intel and assistance to this project." She explained.

"The Aero- Wing is ready to fly with two minute warning." Tycara said. If you would like I could get some useful 'Salvaging gear' from My shuttle and be ready to lift-off in half an hour." No pride, just a resolve in the tone. "I have had this delema before, I should think a half hour we can have your offered Intel uploaded and ready for review in flight?"

"Im still waiting for the details to be disclosed for the mission but I've been told we have exclusive access to the ship. The mission specifics are meant to be arriving later today. Once have the details I'll call Team A into a briefing before we depart." Kristiina replied before looking at the new arrival. "Welcome to Project Destiny, Commander. I wasnt aware that Starfleet was sending any personnel to assist us."

Kristina's words echoed Ryan's own sentiments. She wasn't exactly opposed to working with Starfleet, but she was surprised that they would be. She had remained quiet through most of the meeting to this point, in part because she didn't have much to add. She didn't know the previous Director, but like the rest of them, she was less inclined to believe his absence could be explained by some thing as benign as a family emergency. There was too much mystery surrounding the circumstances. Equally surprising to Ryan was that they weren't going to investigate. Instead, it seemed they were about to engage in some sort of salvage operation under the gun. It wasn't exactly what she expected to be doing when she was hired, but expecting the unexpected was what she was quickly learning to do ever since she arrived.

"Shall I be prepared to act as a medic primarily for this salvage mission of sorts, or might my background in psychology be of service to intelligence?" Ryan's question was spoken loud enough to be heard, but was not aggressively so.

Peltola looked at the teams doctor and smiled. "Your medical expertise maybe required if any medical equipment is needed to be salvaged along with continuing as team medic for the mission."

Travis listened with interest. “Could you use security on this mission? Cause if you like, I’d be glad to lend a hand.” Replied Travis

Tycara felt the two weapons at her side as she sat properly in the chair showing nothing of her emotions and fought the urge to caress them for comfort. The idea of salvage and someone else with a 'weapon' did make a lot of sense.

"Mr. Morgan would giving added Security to the mission would add a feeling of being safe while I help with the salvage and between the two of us I would not envy any 'aggressions' towards us would be successful." The almost purr added to the voice relayed Tycara's thoughts on the matter as her visor never wavered from the focus.

“Sounds like we have a date. I’ll task two others to help us out and I’ll be ready to go when you say.” Replied Travis

Tycara's reflective helmet hid any reaction to the statement, she would keep any further comments to herself. She had worn a Full body suit/armor since she was 12; hen had a way of reminding her she was a female. She again fought the urge to caress her weapons for a bit of comfort; she remained motionless and observant without reply. She would definitely bring her mobile Sensor jammer to make sure no one scanned her while resting in a cabin; no one knew her heritage and if she played it consistent no one would anytime soon.

"Of course, i have no problem with taking extra security along for the mission. Salvage missions hold their own danger so an extra pair of hands is always welcome." Kristiina replied with a smile towards Travis.

“As you wish.” Replied Travis as he went to get his people ready.

"Is there any other questions?" Kristiina asked looking at those assembled. "Or anything else you wish to add, David?" She added turning to her friend.

"Nothing from me, it looks like you got things handled." David said.

"I shall ready the ship." Tycara stated while she moved out of the chair and towards the exit.

"Please do." Kristiina replied with a small approving smile.

T'Lisa was late, having only just heard about the meeting. Rising an eye brow at the unfamiliar Romulan. "I apologise for my tardiness, but no one informed me of this meeting." It was then that she noticed her daughter Yvette. "What is Commander Beauvoir doing here?" She asked.

"I'm Starfleet liaison to the Project." Yvette replied. "Nice to see you again, Mama." She added with a smile.

"You too, my dear." T'Lisa said. "Forgive me, but I best give Tycara a hand prepping the shuttle." She added before leaving the room.




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