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Another lady to follow

Posted on Mon Apr 6th, 2020 @ 4:41pm by Tycara & T'Lisa Anderson

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Alpha Team lounge area
Timeline: MD03 1500


Tycara had walked along the corridors; after finding out she is assigned to the Team Alpha and a woman named Anderson. To be honest it had been a long time since she had served under a woman; a relief to know actually. The soft gripping soles of her boots were quiet and tended to give traction upon deck plates. For reasons that might help Tycara be a little 'aggressive' in appearance she had left the twin pistols off her thighs. This place is said to be secure and that Tycara might relax a bit or at least be less rigid.

keying her voice to a lower volume she approached her new team Lead.

"I am Tycara; your new Pilot ma'am." She greet with the feminine voice.

"Welcome, Tycara." T'Lisa said. "Nice boots, though the left one emits be slight squeak. If you wish to approach a Vulcan, undetected, I suggest you change your footwear." She added.

"Or take time and more care to oil properly," She spoke and nod. "Not to be forward but what will I be flying; I have a type ten that is the fastest thing in the sector; from small craft vantage ma'am.

"A modified Arrow Class Runabout, are you familiar with the class, Tycara?" She replied.

"Replacement for the outdated class of runabouts." Tycara would like to have one of those under her fingers again. "Merchants favor the modular construction of the interior; especially with each being an escape pod and when used for cargo a better chance of recovering a potion of load if something happens to the Arrow." She mentioned. "Beautiful bird to fly with larger cockpit." Her helmet angled slightly as the full reflection of Anderson's face filled the visor. "Flew three cargo runs on a standard; how are these modified?" One could almost see the grin behind the visor.

"I'm not an engineer, but I can get you a copy of the new specs, If you'd like." T'Lisa said.

"If you will allow later I am more of a 'hands-on' type of pilot, walk around inspection then consult if it is broken." She shrug. "Would you like to sit and chat as I am sure you have questions Leader Anderson?"

"That flight suit, you wear, is it able to protect you, if you are exposed to the vacuum of space? Also do you have any weapons training, not that I expect violence, but I like to be prepared, just in case." T'Lisa said.

With practised ease and years of training the small pistol behind her seem to jump into her right hand as she point it just over the left shoulder of Anderson; sure to only show the speed and kept the weapon well away from being able to cause harm. Holding it for two seconds.

"Small arms, a sort of a Photon howitzer." Tycara said calmly and lowered the weapon. "I made a name for myself as a Pilot and Hired Gun ma'am." She returned the pistol to the holster at the small of her back. "I was a gun for hired, not a hired killer."

T'Lisa showed no sign of fear as the Orion showed off her weapon prowess. The former Stafleet captain wasn't easily intimidated. She's fought the Borg, Rogue Klingons, True Way Cardassians, and even the occasional Gorn or Naussican raiding party.

"Impressive." She'd said. "But I suggest you leave that and any other weapons holstered, unless someone calls Security." Taking a seat and gesturing for Tycara to do the same, she asked. "Many hired guns have a code of honor, what's yours, Tycara?"

"I only carried the one as respect ma'am." She replied. "The draw was more to show rather than tell as actions are more of an impression." Taking the seat she look at the woman's face. "The contract is paramount; it is the agreement between people; if everyone lives up to their end all is well. I have only my Word and actions to define my Honor; I do not lower any of my words or actions for that reason." Her head tilt slightly. "I am embarking on the fulfilment of a contract here; thus, I will be honorable to those I serve that contract, with all due respects Leader Anderson."

"Okay, any questions or further comments?" T'Lisa asked.

"What drives you to lead a team such as ours." The helmet focus upon her face. "Who am I following into the unknown?"

"I'm a former Starfleet captain, I had a fallout with Starfleet Command. They wanted to sideline me, but I wasn't ready to leave space exploration, so I quit. I lead from the front and expect the best out of those I lead. I am loyal to those I serve with. I am also determined to protect life." T'Lisa said.

"You are a more noble female that I." Tycara complemented. "There is much to be learn in our team; I look forward to what you inspire by example Leader Anderson." She kept her focus. "You do realize I will follow my contract objectives; even if they may be...objectionable?" He hesitated. "Will you be able to work with someone that cold?"

"If you asked my children, they'd tell you I'm a cold hearted bitch, who abandoned them to play explorer." T'Lisa replied.

One could almost hear the smile behind the helmet. "I've followed one of those in my past." nod. "I think we will get along famously, we understand one another I do believe." She offered a hand."I will have your back Team Leader Anderson."

T'Lisa let a smile form at the corner of her mouth. "Okay, let me show the Maeander, our new ship." She said.

"I see you know how to have quality 'Girl time' as Humans say." Tycara stood and bow slightly. "Lead on Team leader I shall follow with delight at meeting Meander." One could feel the smile behind the visor. "I have been waiting for this moment since I signed the contract."

As they made their way to the Shuttle Bay, T'Lisa asked. "Tycara, you never answered my question before, can that suit of yours help you survive in the vacuum of space?"

"That is confirm as well as level III hostile environments." Tycara reply. "It will help if the shuttle is going down I can remain with the ship until those in my care are clear." She added. "When I am flying it helps to be protected from the elements."

"I understand." T'Lisa said. "Very useful. Perhaps, I should look into getting one for myself."

"It is a fashion statement that not many enjoy sporting, but it can have uses." The humor in the tone of voice. "I think you would be more comfortable without the armored plating; that is for more aggressive than toxic environments."

"I've had my share of aggressive environments, my eldest son when he was about 12, was infatuated with a Klingon girl, and challenged her brother to a fight. The girl's family wasn't impressed. I ended up having to fight the mother in hand to hand combat, so the family could regain their honor." T'Lisa explained.

"Klingons tend to be very proud and very tricky to deal with." Tycara replied. "They are more for blades than Disruptors." She added. "I have dealt with a few of them throughout the years, nice to have fighting beside you and bastards to be against." She shrugged.

"Agreed, they admire strength, so will respect you, if you stand up to them." T'Lisa said. "Speaking of warrior cultures, my former Security Chief and later XO, was an Ursinoid, very few people are willing to mess with a 1.93 metre (6'4”), 91kg (200lb) bipedal grizzly bear."

"As my once Flight leader would say,'that comes under Enemy Identification, make sure it is an enemy as you do not fire upon friendlies." Tycara stated. "I would make sure that one is an enemy before I make a mistake."

"Good advice." T'Lisa said. "Here we are." She said as they reached the shuttle bay.

Walking into the Shuttle bay is the one place where a smile behind that Helmet Visor could almost be seen as Tycara strode evenly into the place she most called home. A shuttle Bay; her time on her own shuttle or on 'Ready Line Duty with a squadron, here is where Tycara felt most at ease. And looking at the newest model of a Runabout just added an electricity to her being.

"Hel-lo Lovely..." Tycara did not give a whistle as that is so male, but her tone had a reverence to it. "Mama is here." The face plate did not waver as they continued closer.

T'Lisa raised an eye brow at Tycara's behaviour at seeing the runabout.

"Not often I get to fly a New Bird not patched together with tape and bailing wire." Tycara said. "You are a pretty Girl." She had to admit she was taken by the new ship. "I will take god care of you." She turned to Anderson. "Is this out Team's Bird or do I have to share; I am territorial about the Birds I fly."

"Yes, the Maeander, is our 'bird', the other team has their own." T'Lisa said. "Feel free to get acquainted with her."

"Thank you for meeting with me Team Leader Anderson." She bowed as is proper for respect. "I might be a while if you do not find that as offensive?"

"Okay, Tycara, I'll leave you to it." T'Lisa said.

"Peace be with you until we meet again." Tycara said and started to run a hand along the flying edge of the craft fondly.

"Thank you, Live long and proper." T'Lisa said before leaving the shuttle bay.


T'Lisa Anderson
Leader Team Alpha

Pilot Team Alpha


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