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Strangest of greetings

Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 11:09pm by Tycara & Norul

Mission: Team Alpha - Supernova
Location: Launch bay - Home base - Earth
Timeline: MD03 - 1200

News of a new arrival had come through to Norul in the operations center quickly, and so he made his way to greet them. When he arrived he found a type 10 shuttle craft that had been lowered on the lift from the surface above. Somehow he had expected more from the tiger. The projects own scorpion class runabouts gave the impression of having more appeal. But then what did Norul know? He was no pilot. He had barely scrapes his level one licence.

He approached the hatch to the rear of the shuttle, and awaited its occupant.

Tycara did not have to take a breath; she hid behind the helmet and her expressions not able to be read as she came down the rear of the shuttle, looking about casually until she stood before the man she hoped had the answers.

"Thank you for the invitation." Her Human female voice began. "I am Tycara..." She bow formally. "Answering that invitation."

Norul narrowed his eyes, attempting to glimpse the eyes of the woman that now stood in front of him. But all his efforts were in vein. “Good day to you, Tycara. I am Norul, director of Project Destiny. My hope is that we can offer you a great deal of work, and hopefully on a permanent contract?”

"Everything is open to negotiation Director Norul." Tycara reply. "I look forward to see what you have to offer. "If you can meet what I value I am sure we can accommodate one another."

“And just what is it that you value?” The director asked searching for any trace of emotion on the blank stare of the helmet.

"Reputation is everything." Tycara replied calmly as his face reflect in her visor. "The dedication to maintain an honorable reputation speak well for an individual." She might have grinned beyond his ability to see. "And making a good retirement fund does tend to help with loyalty in continued contractual agreements."

“Well, the reputation that you will receive here will be nothing but honourable, I assure you.” Norul answered easily. “As for a retirement fund, I believe you will find our pay packages sufficiently bulky. Does this sound as if it might meet your approval?”

"A good offer, one that warrants knowing the exact terms of the deal." She nod slightly. "Though I do not think that discussing this in open Landing area is wise." She noted. You could join me in the Tiger for tea or if you have another preferred area to talk?"

“The tiger is as good of a place as any,” came the reply. “Is the atmosphere on board breathable for myself?” He pondered aloud, nothing the breathing equipment on his new acquaintances head.

"Open venting to atmosphere." Tycara motioned him to come along. "I even have a ionizer running to help keep things comfortable for company." She said as she walk back up the ramp. "I like to keep things nice for business." She added.

That answered a question burning inside of the Romulan. The mask could not be removed. Or at least not in earths atmosphere. “It must be very uncomfortable having to wear a mask like that almost everywhere you go.” He wondered, following Tycara into her shuttle.

"Every one wears a mask; an old earth song said a woman kept her face in a jar by the door." Tycara lead him to a small dinette within the cargo section of the shuttle. "My office. Would you care for tea and Crumpets; real ones I adapted the replicator to function like convention oven." The helmet turned to Mr Norul. "I find most humanoids like genuine food over replicated. And I have always worn a mask, my face is not one my... Adopted Mother wanted seen around her ship."

“I shan’t eat,” replied the Romulan waving his hand dismissively. “It would be rude of me to do so, whilst you are unable.” He nodded back to the allusive mask. “Adopted mother? What became of your biological one? If that’s not too personal.”

"Sme come from broken homes." She moved the table and offered him a chair. "They are real wood chair and quite comfortable for talking business." She took her own seat. "My mother could not take care of me, some transitional home life and then adopted by the woman that raised, protected and taught me." Her visor kept his reflected face in it. "Anything more would be too personal; I think, for a first Business conversation or date."

It’s lucky Norul hadn’t taken the offered drink, it would have likely been spat into the air at the mention of a date. “I don’t date,” he said bluntly. “I was married once, and no other woman can take her place.” He pondered for a moment, “back to business?” He asked cautiously.

That was an admission that Tycara could file away for later; a man who would not be looking at the contour of the flight suit and trying to guess what kind of female alien she is like the numskull that had followed her that one time.

"Yet another of my fallacies; no sense of humor , my 'jokes' go a foul." She even allowed a chuckle in the voice. "I apologize for my informal comment; never got used to the interview process."

“Think nothing of it,” the director replied as he reached around his back retrieving a PaDD seemingly from nowhere, and handed it to Tycara. “The contract is all detailed out in there, almost all of it negotiable.”

"My privacy while 'here' is paramount." Tycara admitted. "No one can live in a flight suit and I need to know I am safe outside of it when I need rest." It was a stretch but important. "On down time if I leave for a weekend I trust no one will follow me; I know where to find others like me and it is comforting." She started to read the contract. "That is my 'Deal Breaker' is my privacy and right to share it how I please. You are all as alien to me as I am to you. I only ask to not be probed and questioned. A squadron I flew with had a pool on what I was, I left that squadron despite great fighter craft."

“I can’t speak for everyone, and asking people to stop an action tends to have the opposite result. But I can certainly put as many blocks on your being followed as possible,” Norul answered in pondering. “In fact I can even promise disciplinary action to those that do invade your privacy.”

"That is all I ask." She was reading the contract. "While under contract I do as the contract dictates, my word is my bond and when we agree you have my loyalties to watch your backs." He nod and continued to read. "Anything special you wish of me in this deal?"

"Nothing I wouldn't ask of anyone else," Norul responded. "I am not apposed to moonlighting, but I would ask that you ensure any extra activities would not reflect badly upon the project."

"Once I accept a contract I am yours; any time away would be to find solace among others or in meditation." One could almost sense the grin. "Moonlighting is the best way to ruin a contract with complications." she kept to the contract skimming as she would have a full read. "Are you sure you wish nothing while I read this as it could be some time; I wish to know every letter so that I can follow it fully?"

“No, it’s fine,” Norul held his hands up dismissively. “I’m sure there is nothing on there to untoward. But I will leave you to read it, if you need to ask any questions or wish to accept, I will be in the operations center 2 levels down. I’m sure someone will point you in the right direction.” He stops and started heading toward the exit hatch.

"It is a pleasure doing business with you Director Norul." Tycara gave as a farewell.

The hatch closed after 3 meters of his travel out of the shuttle.


Director Norul
Project Destiny

Team Alpha Pilot/ Engineer
Project Destiny


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