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Home at last

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2020 @ 8:19am by Norul

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Gardens - Banninga Manor - Earth
Timeline: MD01 - 0800

A Romulan, cloaking himself from the rain in a black trench coat approached the grand Iron gates of the Banninga family home. He had been here before, but just like today, never for the house itself. He came here for what was buried beneath it.

At the gate he submitted himself to security checks, flashing a brand new ID tag at the security guards. Who immediately scanned him to ensure he was who he said he was. Guests to the house itself would have had this scan done secretly, but where the Romulan was going these things didn’t need to be kept so under wraps.

The grey sky loomed over the house, but somehow even in the dinge it still looked warm and welcoming. The gardens still bright with the colours of various plants that grew there. All of which were native to Earth.

The man made his way along the gravel pathways taking deep breathes on the scent of the rain soaked flowers, never having to stop or bend toward them to capture the smell. As he looked around the grandeur, he could barely believe the secrets this place harboured.

Beneath his very feet right now was a vast network of secret tunnels, kept that way since Earths Third World War. These tunnels over three levels, stretched far beyond the limits of the house itself and to the very edges of the grounds. Beneath him, up to three hundred people could be beavering away, working secretly toward their goals.

From this moment in the Romulan was responsible for those beneath his feet, and more besides. Up until now he had only been here to collect new assignments, but now it was to be where he spent almost all of his waking hours, as leader of the entire operation.

Somehow he wasn’t troubled. In fact he was relieved. Almost a decade he had been searching for a new home for himself, and finally he could settle. Earth wasn’t exactly the first place he had in mind, but it would do. He had moved into a small studio apartment on the other side of the planet, in the bustling city of Hong Kong.

His own home had it even been slept in yet, as he found his way here from off world. He had more interest in beginning his new line of work, than he did in exploring his place of residence. After all it was here he planned to spend most of his time.

Finally he arrived at a small parting in a hedgerow at the rear of the manor, and squeezed through. Behind was what looked like a large rectangular man hole. He searched its wet top with his fingers and found a small hole just big enough to squeeze his index finger into and push a hidden button.

With that the iron cover began to move, revealing a staircase beneath it, that twisted in a spiral deep beneath the surface. As he descended he found yet another piece of iron work baring his way. This time a solid door, with an intercom to one side. Pressing its button he announced himself. “Director Norul,” he announced, and within seconds he was on the inside of the cooling tunnel system. The tunnel ahead stretching off into the distance, with interconnecting tunnels to either side.

Although it might not have looked welcoming, Norul couldn’t help but feel he had found home.

Director Norul
Home Base
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