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The keys to the door

Posted on Wed Jan 26th, 2022 @ 1:39pm by David Banninga & Norul

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Operations center - Homebase - Earth
Timeline: MD01

Norul made his way into his new home away from home; the operations center. Here he expected to find the previous occupant of his job, and ventured into the long cavern of a room, taking note of the bustle around him.

In the very center he found a rounded desk, set up almost like a doughnut with just enough of a gap to squeeze into the middle and take a seat in the center. The seat itself was already occupied, so he approached tentatively. “Hello,” he said as he approached.

David turned around with the chair. "Morning," he simply said. "Norul, I assume?"

“You assume correctly,” came the reply. “Forgive me, but are you the Director I am to replace?”

"Not really," David said. "Your predecessor has already left yesterday. I'm taking the reins in the hours between."

The Romulan studied the man before him intently. "Then who might you be?" he asked suspiciously. "And may I have my seat?"

David smiled as he stood up and gave the man his chair back. Before introducing himself properly. "I'm David Banninga. I'm Beta's team leader as well as ..."

“ boss,” Norul completed the sentence. “A pleasure to meet you sir,” he continued in a tone that made it sound as if there were no pleasure at all. But he held out his hand for a customary human hand shake.

David accepted the handshake with a broad smile, ignoring the tone of the man in front of him. "The pleasure is all mine. Managing this part of the company isn't my cup of tea."

"Yet you choose to lead a team here," Norul noted with all the emotion of a Vulcan. "One must wonder, why?"

"Because there are to many loose ends that need to be solved. To begin with." David said. "and if you read up on my family history you know the Beta team has always be lead by a member of the Banninga family."

"Interesting," Norul answered maintaining a emotionless yet questioning persona. "How is it you see my role in overseeing Beta team? You are my boss, but if I'm not mistaken I oversee all of the projects teams, including Beta."

"Complicated," David simply said. "I am your boss, but you're also my boss when it comes to team Beta. When my parents led team Beta the CEO position was held by my grandfather, so this issue wasn't applicable then. Unfortunately, I have no one else available to take over the CEO position, with my parents and grandparents deceased and my sister working in space. So, we'll need to find a way to make this work."

“I would propose that I take care of the Project, with the same input as you would expect from a CEO,” Norul suggested. “With the exception of Beta team, who I will maintain minimal leadership over, except for in circumstances where the projects other operations are effected by the operations of beta.”

"That sounds good to me." David acknowledged.

"May I ask about these 'loose ends'?" Norul asked, pushing his forefingers together in a contemplative pose.

Even though this story wasn't really a secret he preferred to discuss it in a bit more private setting, so he signaled Norul to follow him and headed for Norul's office. Since David didn't have a office himself down here. Once the door was closed he started explaining. "A few months ago my sister and I got a message about our parents last mission and its failure. Up until then we weren't aware our parents worked for the project. We were told they were killed during the attack on Wolf 359. They said we barely survived the ship we were living on at the time." He said.

"Kate and I headed for the coordinates in the message and when we got their we found their ship and a grave. In it where the remains of a woman of approximate thirty years old. Same age of our mother at the time of their deaths. From the ship logs we learned what truly happened on their last mission." He took a moment to be silent. He hadn't told anyone the complete story before and Kate had written the reports on the situation. "The loose end I'm referring to is the absence of the body of my father. In his last log he told about burying our mother and saying something about needing to find the persons responsible for their death. I need to find out what happened to him. Somehow I don't believed he also died on that planet. There were no signs of another body."

"Well, that does sound like the sort of thing we go in for, doesn't it?" Norul questioned rhetorically. "If you need any help, you have only to ask. Although I had imagined you would have expected that anyway."

"Don't worry, I'm not one of those macho's who thinks he can do everything by himself, refusing to ask for help, when needed.

“It wouldn’t worry me if you did think that way,” the Romulus shrugged. “It would simply mean I’d have to find a replacement lead for Beta team,” he continued with a menacing grin. “After all those who rush in alone don’t tend to have prolonged lives, do they?”

David couldn't help the Romulan response. "Exactly."



David Banninga
Teamleader Team B


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