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Enter the Black Hole

Posted on Fri May 22nd, 2020 @ 8:20pm by Tycara & Taranlia "Lia" Lesan

Mission: Home Base - Grey zone
Location: Black Hole bar
Timeline: MD 03 late evening.


The bar had a unique name, the Black Hole. She had made her way here, and with all her flight gear found the corner easy enough. Finding a table was lucky, as she could also see the old-style football game. It was intriguing, as they chased a ball and could not touch it with anything but their feet. Earth games are so strange, but alluring at the same time. She had a beer in front of her and a special containment unit that would allow her to hydrate, or, in this case, enjoy a brew. Basically a straw; which could get her drunk faster with a beer than if she popped the plate and downed it. But the helmet would not allow it. The good thing is, it was good for keeping herself to herself, other than the speaker.

She sat enjoying the game and only milking the beer, as she could get away with pointing to her helmet as reason not to order more.

With her bags settled in a locker room to be picked up later, Taranlia Lesen had decided to get a little more acquainted with the base. She’d noticed a bar and lounge on the map, and since she had been given a packet of brochures for housing in the area, she figured she could look through them over a beer.

The lithe, athletic, beautiful Betazoid walked up to the bar and ordered a good, local brew, nails tapping on the wooden bar top as she watched the soccer game on the holo-vision, brushing back her shoulder-length black hair.

"You look informed on the sport displayed," Tycara said through her speakers in a normal tone. "It is an alien concept to me, but very interesting." She rose from her table. "Could you join me to explain the ... sport, as I am not from these parts?" She extended a hand. "I am Tycara. Pilot by trade."

“Well, I know a bit,” Lia said, glancing at the screen and then back to the woman. “Taranlia,” she introduced herself. “Though friends call me Lia.” She took the hand and mentally scanned the woman lightly to determine any intentions. “I guess you could say I’m something of a fixer,” she said, taking a seat at the table.

Tycara liked that the woman was being friendly. From her eyes it is obvious she is Betazoid, and thus the thoughts were more open to be listened to, or at least felt. A panic to one like Tycara. Her whole mystique was built upon secrecy. The element that lined her helmet blocked alpha waves, and the gloves had enough thickness for touch sensitives to have only clouded reads. Some mercenary groups used empaths to check people over. Tycara's pirate mother figure had warned her to be wary of empathy and what it can give away. Tycara found that honesty is a good thing, and keeping her surface thoughts on everything but herself; observations, and interest in others also helped her keep her thoughts to herself.

"Your kind are good to have around. I support people like that." Tycara had not meant anything but to be friendly. She was the new girl and wanted to be friends with anyone who could accept her being in the flight gear all the time.

Lia studied the woman, not picking up anything deceitful or hostile, just...closed. She was obviously using a basic psi-block. “What’s with the flight suit?” she asked, leaning back and sipping her ale.

"Not every alien likes a nitrogen rich environment," Tycara shrugged. "I have always had to wear a protective suit." It was the truth, since her time with the Captain to keep her safe from harm.

“Really? What species are you, then?” Lia asked. “Most aliens of that type tend to be isolationists and don’t travel much, at least outside their own ships,” she said curiously.

"People not knowing has kept me alive in the past," Tycara said calmly. "Not one to be in this business; I am more aggressive among my kind than I need to be. Isolation did not get me the means to live better." She took the cup to the helmet and took a drink. "At the end of my contract I will just fade back into obscurity and finally find some peace. Until then I follow my contract and keep my partners and teams safe as I can."

“I guess that’s admirable,” Lia considered, sipping her drink. “As long as we can know you have our backs. What’s your speciality?” she asked. “What do you bring to the team?”

"I can fly anything up to a Defiant or Sabre class through enemy fire like dancing between raindrops. I have my modified shuttle that can keep up with modern runabouts up til they red line, and I am good with weapons. A good person to have at your back, and my word is my bond. I always complete my contract to the letter." The face plate tilted slightly, as though she pondered something. "Those I work with I fight to bring back home." She shrugged. "That about covers it. What is your gift for the team?"

Lia sipped her ale. “Close quarters combat,” she said. “And I’m a battle psi. I’m good for intelligence work and close support, bodyguarding, that kind of thing.”

"Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men?" Tycara's grin was hidden behind the face plate, but her tone hinted. "The Shadow knows..." She managed not to snicker at her skewed views on how things work in the universe.

“I suppose…” Lia was Betazed, and so the ancient Earth reference went over her head. “So I suppose you’ll be staying with the shuttle on missions for getaway,” Lia commented, “while the rest of us do the work.” She gave Tycara a grin, though, to show she was teasing. She knew just how important a bug out member could be.

"That would be a nice change if they let me do that." Tycara took a drink. "Would beat hiding in the cold as fire support for when the rest of you have to turn tail and run." The tone was casual and a shrug of the shoulders. "Mtoto wa kike and I get a long well enough to wait you out and fly you safely home." The Universal Translator did not convert her words, as it did not understand them."

Lia gave the suited woman a curious look. “Fire support is appreciated,” she had to admit. “Especially when an op goes wrong.”

"Plan for the worst and hope for the best, as my captain always taught me." Tycara took another drink. "No operation ever really goes as planned."

“Captain? Did you serve in Starfleet?” Lia asked, sipping her drink.

"Captain, oh my Captain..." Her melodic voice relayed the words. "She was a pirate, brutality to show she had no soft feminine side to her crew." There was even a fond sigh. "Taught me how to fly; fight, and shoot; all the things a little girl needs to learn to be a fine member of our profession and not to show mercy to anyone but trusted people." She nodded. "Present company excepted."

“Well, thanks for that,” Lia said. “Sounds like a lonely life, though. No friends. No family.”

"Always had my contracts, people to watch my back while under said contract." The face plate moved to reflect Lesan's face. "No one ever really wanted to be friends, so I got along." She shrugged. "People fear what they do not know, and I... well, just so far only one tried to see who is under the suit, and that did not end well."

“Did you ever think maybe the suit exacerbates the problem?” Lia asked, sipping her drink. “They don’t know what is under it, so their mind is free to conjure up all sorts of nightmares. Maybe it would be better if you did let people in, especially if you’re going to be here for a while. Those things aren’t that comfortable.”

"Is it not said a friend accepts one as they are?" Tycara asked calmly. "Not every humanoid is comfortable in a nitrogen rich environment, and I would look silly wearing a dress with breathing apparatus, don't you think, just to put others at ease? My captain was always sure to have me covered for my own protection. Even if I wanted out of all this, it is not practical to do so." She shrugged. "As Humans say, we all have a cross to bear. Mine is separation by necessity."

“Sorry to hear that,” Lia said. “But psychology is psychology. Beings don’t trust what they can’t see.” She sipped her drink. “Can’t change that. It’s wired in at the factory. What species are you, anyway?” she asked curiously.

Tycara took a casual drink from her adapted mug. "I never say; you get what is paid for." She shrugged. "I prefer not to say, as it might not go over so well with some. Have had bad things happen in the past, A lady has to have some secrets." She took a breath. "I have to keep that aside, as it helps with the better jobs. Not knowing leaves me open to be what I need to be. If I were Kazon or even Breen, those could affect my getting good jobs due to racial feelings. I just keep it to my reputation and gain better relations as we work together or,” she nodded, "talk over drinks and all."

“Well, I guess I won’t pester you then,” Lia said. She could take a little mental peek, but she didn’t. She looked at her empty glass instead and pondered if she should have another. Then she pondered if she should just have some Italian wine at home, with a nice massage and happy ending from Angelo…

Lia shook her head. That hospitality hologram was way too tempting.

“That suit will make going out and partying difficult,” she told Tycara with a grin. “I mean, how can I take you out on the town to pick up some local hotties?”

"I could go down to a Level One hazard suit." She shrugged. "Like a form fitting catsuit and head contouring mask with a breathing filter system." She turned to look at the woman. "Makes me seem... exotic until they try to kiss me or other things." The helmet faceplate looked at the woman. "At least I am able to dance, and in dim light could seem desirable enough to put them in your sights. I have very restricted compatibility for obvious reasons."

“Right…” Lia said with amusement. “So you’ll make a terrible wingman,” she noted with a grin. “Ironic, for a pilot.”

"Pilots fly. The ground is not as exciting as the fun you can have in zero -gee environments," she mused. "I am more the type to watch your back when jealous men start a fight over you."

Lia smirked. “Oh, I have fun in both environments,” she said. “And the fighting over me is part of the fun,” she said with a chuckle, lifting her glass. “To future conquests!”

"May we never be the ones conquered." Tycara added. "For that would ruin all the fun."


Taranlia Lesen
Beta Team
Tactical Specialist

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