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1. General rules

  • 1.1 Project Destiny’s main goal is to tell interesting stories, explore and develop your character(s) and to have fun.
  • 1.2 Project Destiny is a 13+ rated RPG, and stories need to abide by this.
  • 1.3 Project Destiny does not tolerate any kind of discrimination, bullying, or verbal insults.
  • 1.4 Writers on Project Destiny are expected to post at least once a month.
  • 1.5 If you are not able to participate with the RPG, for whatever reason, you need to apply for a leave of absence. An absence of less than 2 weeks is a LOA, and an absence of more than 2 weeks is an ELOA (Extended Leave of Absence). If you are working on a JP, you are also required to let your fellow writers know, and you need to agree what to do with the JP during your absence.
  • 1.6 After someone has missed the posting deadline they will receive a personal message reminding them they haven't posted for more than a month. We will also be asking for a reason. Multiple emails and PM’s will be sent. After a total of 2 months of inactivity, combined with the failure to respond to mails and PMs, the character will become an inactive character and his/her position will become free for new writers.
  • 1.7 Project Destiny does not allow a writer to write someone else's character, or NPC, without the permission of the writer. If you make an agreement with another writer to write each other's characters, please make good and clear rules about it, so the chance for any problem is limited.
  • 1.8 If you have a disagreement with another writer you should first seek to solve the issue between yourselves. If you feel someone has made a negative comment, contact the person and explain the problem to that person. There is a good chance that they won’t even be aware that they have offended you. If the situation is more severe you can contact any member of the command staff, and we'll assist in finding a solution.
  • 1.9 All members of Project Destiny are required to have a discord account and to have joined the Project Destiny Discord channel.

2. Posting Rules:

2.1 Novel style writing.
We use Novel style for our posts. This means that the story should read like a book. Dialogue should be put in "quotation" marks, punctuation should be used correctly, and spelling and grammar should be as correct as possible. Simple errors can be made easily, and we appreciate and understand this, all we ask is that you do your best. You are allowed to give your character an accent, providing that the text is still clear enough to read and understand.

2.2 Post introduction.
Pay close attention that you give the correct data in the fields before you post. This will be the intro to your post. Select the correct mission. If in doubt ask a member of the command team.
Give your post a title.
Location: Be as specific as possible. Giving Planet/Ship, any deck or level that might be relevant, and the specific room.
Time: This should be the specific time of day that your post is set, as well as the day in mission days. This will be a day between MD01 and MD30
To allow for backposting you can also state the time in words. For example: "(Backpost) shortly before arriving on earth." But please only do this if the time and day does not fit into the current mission.

You may also choose to follow a post on from another, in this situation you should enter “after [insert name of previous post]. For example: “MD06 after Where the Lion sleeps.”

2.3 Signatures
At the end of each post please leave at least 3 lines gap (or add in a horizontal rule) and sign the post off for each of your characters used. (So, if you have written a post with your PC and two PNPC's you need to write 3 signatures.) A signature consist of 3 or 4 lines. 1: Name of your character, 2: Position, 3: Where the character usually works (station, ship or colony) and 4: in case of a PNPC you write between brackets PNPC and the name of your PC.

Example: Lt JG Jaana Voutilainen Stellar Cartographer Langley Station [PNPC Kate]

2.4 Tagging.
Nova offers a great possibility for writing joint posts between as many characters as you wish. Please talk to other players before beginning a Joint post (JP).
To signify that the post is not over you would leave a tag by simply writng "TAG" in capitals at the end of the section of text you have written, other players can then respond. If you wish for a specific character to respond in larger JP's then simply type "TAG" followed by the characters name.

2.5 Length of posts.
Post length is up to each players better judgement, although we would ask that posts are not too short, and equally not too long.
If you feel that your post is reaching a length that will put people off of reading it, then please split it down into two or more smaller posts.

2.6 Measurements. We use the (European) metric system in our writing. This means that if you want to write a length, weight, temperature you need to use cm/m, kg, or Celsius. There are many websites that offer a conversion tool, in case you are not familiar with the metric system. You can also use words as heavy, light, big, small, warm and hot in your post, instead of converting it to metric.
In a characters bio the length and a weight of your character needs to be displayed in cm, and kg. If you want you can put the imperial system between brackets after the metric system, using ' and '' for length and lbs for weight.

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